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Star Trek has predicted it all: Resistance is futile; then I, Robot simply finishes off the prophecy: Artificial intelligence has won, and the age of analog is behind us. Let everything you own—and possibly even yourself, in a dystopian cyberpunk future—be enlisted in the Internet of Things. We’ve already started easy with smartphones and wearables like smartwatches and smart glasses. But now you’re comfortable, and have likely already taken it to the next level by connecting your kitchen to the Internet. Next, you’ll be ready for the final stage: Digitizing your whole house with a slew of smart home devices.

Google and Amazon have paved the way with smart home gadgets with their respective virtual assistants—Google Home and Alexa—whether it’s a smart speaker, robot vacuum, or AI-learning thermostat. The booming presence of smart home appliances proves that we as a species have succumbed to the machines; they cede us control via an app or our own voice, save us energy or money, and undertake menial tasks at home without rebelling against us. For that, we willingly give away our data to them. Below are 10 of the best smart home devices, from security-minded gadgets to better-living-minded appliances, that’ll really change our life for the better.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/10-smart-home-devices-wont-195300171.html


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