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As smart home products continue to develop, what once felt like the gadgets of sci-fi novels — or Disney Channel original movies like Smart House — have now become the norm. Your friends are brushing their teeth with smart toothbrushes. The host at the last party you attended was verbally queueing up songs using an Alexa. Heck, even your friend’s trusty essential oil diffuser might be a smart product.

As tempting as it may be to elevate your home gadgets with smart products, individuals may not be enticed to create their own “smart home” simply because of the cost of some smart products. However, as the technology becomes more prevalent, all you have to do is search a bit harder to find budget-friendly smart products that may be right for your lifestyle.

Luckily, this list will make finding your perfect smart home gadget as easy as closing your smart garage door or turning out your smart light or checking your smart security camera. All of which are incredibly easy, FYI. From smart plugs to diffusers and so much more, here are some of the best smart home products for under $35.

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Smart Plug Extender

As life becomes more intertwined with technology, it also becomes more entangled with electronic wires and charging cords. Having a smart plug extender — which you can use to independently turn outlets and ports on or off with a smart device — can make your relationship with power cords as harmonious as ever.

  • Pros: Offers both smart outlets and smart USB ports, is functional with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as its own app
  • Cons: Three of the outlets are not smart outlets, some reviewers report not being able to independently turn outlets and ports on or off

Review: One reviewer highlights that you are able to give outlets different names in your smart app, so that you can turn them on or off individually by name.

Dimensions: 3.95 x 1.18 x 6.93 inches

Colors: Black, White

Smart Light Bulbs

Nothing says smart “home” like lights that you can not only turn on and off from your phone — but can also adjust the color and brightness of through an app.

  • Pros: Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, dimmable, adjustable colors, can set to time and schedule, energy saving
  • Cons: One reviewer reports bulb malfunctioning with certain lamps

Wattage: 8W LED (equivalent to 75W incandescent bulb)

Colors: Rainbow, Warm white

Smart Security Camera

Having security cameras outside to watch for intruders — or inside to check on infants and pets — has long been a practice for upgrading one’s home. Now, with smart security cameras like this one, you can check on your camera remotely and can even pan around an area of your home using just your phone.

  • Pros: 1080p HD resolution, can pan and tilt camera for viewing, cloud and SD card storage, functions with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Cons: Some users report unnecessary motion alerts

Review: One reviewer highlights the camera’s motion tracking, which follows subjects as they move across a field.


Source: https://www.bustle.com/life/best-smart-home-devices


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