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One of the main advantages of door sensors compatible with Amazon Alexa is their easy pairing with supporting devices like Echo Show or the Echo Spot. You can also create routines to alert you with voice when the paired door sensors trip.

Apart from the smart home advantage, door sensors (or window sensors) add to the security of your house by quickly alerting with an alarm or a smartphone notification.

However, contact door sensors are rarely independent devices. They need a hub or a bridge to function. The good news is that the hub supports various other smart home devices as well, and you can slowly add devices to build your smart home network.

If you’re looking for door sensors compatible with Amazon Alexa, you have come to the right place. These sensors are affordable and easy to install. Before we get going, check out the following,

1. YoLink Door Sensor

The YoLink Door Sensor stands out from the rest by employing LoRa tech. LoRa is a low-power and long-range tech which makes it efficient to work in large houses. The Alexa compatibility means that you can also use it to announce which door/window opens. For example, if the door sensor is above the nursery door, you can craft a routine and have an Alexa-compatible speaker announce ‘the baby door opened.’

The good thing about YoLink Door is its long-range, which makes it perfect for use in driveway gates or garage doors. At the same time, setting up the devices is simple and pain-free.

However, this door sensor has a slight catch. It’s not an independent device and works with a smart-home hub. But the good news is that the hub supports other smart home devices. Once the hub pairs with the door sensor, you can follow the rest of the steps to integrate it with Alexa.

The YoLink door sensor is sensitive and is quick to react to changes. It is popular on Amazon and has received a significant number of reviews. Users love it for the Alexa integration and motion detection when it is mounted on a metal door.

2. Thirdreality Zigbee Contact Sensor

If you have a Zigbee hub in your house, the Thirdreality Zigbee Contact Sensor is a good pick. But the good news is that it also works with tens of other devices like Smart Home Automation, SmartThings, and Aeotec, apart from Alexa devices. Like the one above, it’s an affordable device and doesn’t cost much.

The good thing about this door sensor is that it’s easy to set up, and several users have pointed this out in their reviews. For now, the company gives you two options. You can either go the easy way and install using adhesive tapes. Or, you can mount the sensor using screws. Thirdreality door sensor gives you the flexibility of adjusting the gap between both the parts of the sensor. You simply need to ensure that the gap is within 5/8-inches.

At the same time, this Alexa-compatible door sensor works well, and quite a few users have pointed this out. Like the one above, you can program the Alexa device to announce the name of the door sensor when tripped.

As noted earlier, it works with a hub. While the door sensor is not expensive, the hub may set you back by a few hundred bucks. But the good …….

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