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If there’s one thing we adore about smart home gadgets, it’s that they make our lives easier. Whether it’s automatically turning on the thermostat when we get home from a long day, or firing up our favourite tunes on a smart speaker, there’s nothing better than uttering a quick voice command and having your whole home responding to your every whim. Completing chores is also no longer the arduous task it once was, and while we would absolutely love it if there was a robot that folds our clothes and packs them in the wardrobe neatly, the one device we can definitely get on board with is a robot vacuum cleaner.

But what is a robot vac and how do they differ from a traditional vacuum cleaner? This mostly comes down to a typically compact size and how well they interact with your smart home devices (are all cordless and bagless to boot), but the key thing you need to know is that you won’t need to physically push anything around your home to mop up dust, pet hair or allergens, and rogue mud stains.

You might remember when Roomba’s stormed the home maintenance world and saved tired house cleaners a job with the wonders of wireless hoovering, but since then the technical wizardry has improved dramatically. Now, these smart devices can be set up to roam specific rooms on schedules, scan the floor for potential obstacles, and pop themselves back in their docking station when they are done. They even have months-long battery lives and larger storage bags so you don’t have to keep topping it up or clearing it out every few weeks. Do we need to go on?

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner to buy?

Best self-emptying robot vacuum

If you’ve only just recovered from the technical marvel of bagless, cordless vacuums then allow us to further blow your mind with a self-emptying one. Once it’s done the rounds of your carpets and hardwood floors, it will clean itself up, dumping all its gatherings into a closed bag, meaning you’ll only need to interact with it once every few months. Dreamy.

Best robot vacuum for large properties

No, it’s not a modern follow up to the classic 1986 movie Short Circuit, they did actually call a robot vac Neato. And it lives up to this eponymous name by making short work of your carpets, scanning your home with smart mapping tech to figure out an efficient cleaning route and just getting on with it in a very neat and tidy fashion.

Best smart robot vacuum

If you’ve been building your own dream smart home, then Samsung’s JetBot should slot in nicely with your Alexa-enabled smart speaker with no problem. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistants, you can simply bark at your robot vac to start cleaning, and it will obediently finish the job for you. It will even talk back to you if you fancy owning your very own HAL 9000.

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