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Are you planning to get a new Amazon Alexa device? Or perhaps you already have one? 

There are a lot of things this device can do. From making a phone call to searching for recipes – the things that Amazon Alexa can do it is almost unlimited. 

According to Tom’s Guide, there are more than 100,000 Alexa skills available. With these Alexa skills, you can best utilize Amazon’s personal voice assistant.

In this article, we have identified five cool skills that could help you make the most of your Amazon Alexa device.

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1. Control your Smart Home

According to CNET, the best thing that Alexa can do is to control your smart home. Basic smart home devices can be controlled by the virtual assistant, alongside your lights, appliances, and even door locks. 

Alexa can control your lights. She can turn it on or off, or if the lights are color-changing, Alexa can also change the color. Aside from lights, Alexa can also open or close your garage door. Moreover, Alexa can change the temperature of your home if you have smart thermostats.

2. Provide Lottery and Sports (or Fantasy Sports) Play-by-Plays

If you’re a sports fan, Alexa offers many sports-related questions and commands to satisfy your sports enthusiasm. For instance, Alexa can immediately inform you of a game’s result or if your team is winning. Using skills like Fantasy Football, Alexa can offer your advice on your fantasy football league, as per Review Geek.

As for anybody who likes to be updated with sports and lotto numbers, Alexa can also be a good thing to have. Using voice activation, Alexa can give you the latest sports scores and lottery results whenever you want it. 

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3. Get Exclusive Amazon Deals

Take advantage of Amazon Prime member-exclusive deals by simply asking Alexa “Alexa, what are your deals?” Once you ask this question to Alexa, she will provide you with Amazon Prime member-exclusive deals.

Alexa can provide you updates on your delivery status once you’ve made a purchase or a reorder. To know the sentences that you can use “to trigger one of the best Alexa skills,” visit Amazon’s Voice Shopping.

4. Ask Alexa for Recipe Ideas

While Alexa can’t cook for you, she can help you with recipe ideas. Just search for “recipe” in the Skills section of the Alexa app or alexa.amazon.com.

You may want to check Allrecipes. You can ask for the recipe of the day. Ask Alexa for the recipe based on ingredients that you currently have or a recipe based on your preferred cooking method. If you provide your mobile number, Alexa can have the recipes sent to your phone.

You can also check the recipe skill called GoodNes. GoodNes can provide you with recipes for a specific meal, such as dessert or breakfast. You can easily view the ingredients or the procedure with the visual guide that comes with GoodNes. It can run in Safari or Chrome on a laptop or iPad. 

5. Get Help for Your Pet

Alexa can also help you if your pet is sick. MyPetDoc is one of the really useful Alexa skills that can help you determine what’s wrong with your pet. All you have to do is describe …….

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