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We all need and deserve the comfort that comes with the full accessibility of our home. The same stands true for people with disabilities or illnesses who should be free to live independently. Yes, they might be adapting to their life with restricted mobility, but with smart technology, they can now enjoy convenient and hassle-free living. They no longer need support from others to perform basic tasks for them.

The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation has been a life-changing experience for us. Fortunately, embracing these changes is quite economical, thanks to low interest personal loans.

If you or a family member have a disability or chronic disease and wondering how to use smart devices to improve accessibility for disabled people, then these smart connected devices can help you get started.

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Smart Home Devices to Improve Accessibility

Here are 5 smart devices to help the disabled take care of themselves without any dependence on a family member:

Amazon Echo Show and Nest Hub smart displays

Amazon / Google

1. Smart Speaker

Besides using a voice-activated assistant to control smart speakers, users can enable automated reminders for important activities, such as taking medications and hospital appointments. They can also read a book, share weather updates, find movies to watch, and play music for you. This cutting-edge devices are is known for enhancing accessibility for disabled by automating several tasks for them. The smart speaker assistants come in all shapes and sizes. There are basic models with limited features for a simple experience without straining your budget. If you want more advanced versions with powerful features like smart interactive displays, you either have to shell out a hefty amount or keep an eye out for seasonal sales to get the best bargain.

August Home Launches New Smart Lock Features To Access Smart Homes


2. Smart Lock

One of the major concerns for disabled people is giving the nurse, housekeeper, care attendant, or therapist access to their home. Yes, they have a keypad lock option, but it’s not always secure and reliable. It doesn’t tell you who used it or when changing the combination can be arduous. And if someone with malign intentions gets hold of it, the results can be severe. Hence, comes a smart lock. Listed among the safest and most convenient smart home devices for disabled, it allows you to give temporary access to users. You can restrict the time and days when they can enter the home with the smart lock. It keeps a log of everyone who visits the place. Also, removing someone’s access is simple and quick. And many can integrate with your smart home security system and/or smart speaker for more ease of use.

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