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Smart home upgrades are the epitome of convenience, allowing you to monitor and control devices directly from your smartphone whether you’re at home or away. Just by utilizing a connected app, you can do things like change settings on your thermostat, turn on lights or answer your doorbell.

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But smart devices aren’t exactly cheap. For instance, Ring’s bestselling smart doorbell, the Video Doorbell Pro, retails for $169.99, and its elite model is $349.99. And SimpliSafe’s most popular smart home security system, The Essentials, costs $259, while its full-blown DIY system costs $489.

Once you invest in the cost of one or more smart devices for your home, calling an electrician or other professional installer to get the device up and going can tack on an additional $100 or more.

If want to make these smart upgrades on a budget, the good news is that, as long as you have a bit of tech and electrical knowledge, you can install many of these devices yourself and stretch your paycheck further.

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