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Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Digital assistants have become a norm in our lives over the past few years, thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa. Even though both options can accomplish many of the same tasks, these voice assistants are quite different. I have primarily been a Google Assistant user in my smart speaker space. Still, I recently have started to incorporate more Amazon Alexa devices into my home since I reviewed the Echo Show 15. In this time, I have found ways I’d like to blend Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Before I get into it, let me get this out of the way first — the things I’m about to list are admittedly minor, because Google Assistant and Alexa both work very well. Still, neither is perfect and both have plenty of flaws where the other excels. My goals in combining the two are areas I think each can improve the other as the services currently exist — not the perfect world versions. To hopefully ease confusion, let’s refer to my digital assistant creation as Galexa. OK, on with it.

Google Assistant and Alexa: I want Galexa to really get me

Source: Chris Wedel / Android Central

One area where Google Assistant shines is how it uses all of Google’s info about me. Information like my schedule, members of my family, foods I like, and more, comes from using my Pixel 6 Pro — along with nearly every other smartphone I’ve used in the past — and the various excellent Google Assistant smart speakers I have throughout my home. As I mentioned before, I have an Amazon Echo Show 15 and have picked up a few other great Alexa smart speakers to help fill the gaps. Yes, I have too many smart speakers around my home, and part of that reason is that each assistant has its strengths and weaknesses.

A blend of the knowledge and personality from each of the most popular voice assistants would be wonderful.

While my Google Assistant knows a lot about me and can leverage that info to provide useful assistance across various platforms, it has become less personable than Alexa. Sure, that can be a good thing in some ways where you may not want your digital assistant seeming too human. But on the other hand, when interacting with the digital assistants, you may be more likely to use it more or ask for help more often if those interactions felt more natural. Galexa would take these two concepts and blend them into one.

I may not be good at saying please to my smart speakers, but I do say thank you quite often. Google Assistant will usually respond with something like “you’re welcome” or “anytime.” Alexa will say those as well but can be a bit more cheeky with some responses. It’ll add on “literally” after saying “anytime,” or play a clip from a song with the lyrics “you’re welcome.”

Google Assistant has gotten chilly in its responses and could use some warmth like Alexa.

Amazon announced its plan to improve Alexa’s natural language so that Echo speakers understand normal conversation better and respond accordingly. Alexa tends to handle multiple requests in a single interaction better than Google Assistant does and act on them faster — but that could be the aging hardware in Google’s Nest …….

Source: https://www.androidcentral.com/5-ways-i-would-love-mash-google-assistant-and-alexa


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