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Aug 03, 2022, 4:19pmUpdated 2h ago

By: Sandrina Rodrigues, Senior Digital Producer

You might have gotten used to asking Alexa to turn off the lights,
turn off the TV or turn up the music! 

But, how do you protect your smart home devices from hackers that
may be able to do the same from outside?!

Below are a few tips to help protect your family, home and identity:

1. Make your Wi-Fi network more secure

Start by securing it with a strong password. PC Magazine has these
tips to get you started – CLICK HERE. 

And make sure you’re using the highest security protocol

An older model router could also mean aging security protocols –
so it might be time to replace it.

2. Use unique passwords for everything, and enable two-factor

Passwords should be as long as possible, and unique for each

Two-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security
by requiring anyone logging in to a device to provide another credential, such
as a one-time code sent by SMS or email. 

Most attackers that have access to a stolen password will not have
access to a secondary credential.

3. Update your devices

Update your router and devices often, as companies roll out bug
fixes and features constantly. Many devices will update automatically when on
Wi-Fi, but some will need you to do a manual update. 

4. Understand your home device and its vulnerabilities

Learn what security features are available for a device before
purchasing it or installing and connecting it to your home network. According
to Travelers, If
your smart speaker is connected to your Wi-Fi router, which is also connected
to your smart TV, your video doorbell and your smart thermostat, then any one
of those products can pass on vulnerabilities to another. If one item is
hacked, the rest may be susceptible to the hack. The FBI says that unsecured devices can allow hackers a path into your router, giving
the bad guy access to everything else on your home network that you thought was

5. Avoid public Wi-Fi

Want to access one of your devices remotely to turn on the light?
Maybe you forgot to lock the door and want to access the smart lock.

When away, avoid using public Wi-Fi as it is not in a secure
network and open to hackers. 

SafeWise recommends that you use your cellular plan instead of a
public network.

6. Monitor your network

Manually monitor who is on your Wi-Fi. Wireless Network Watcher is
a program that monitors and tracks the number of devices that are connected to
any particular wireless network. Here’s how to see who is on your network.

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