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If you want to control your household appliances when you’re away from home, having the best smart plug is essential.

From turning lamps on before you return to your abode to ensuring the kettle is boiled when you wake up, smart plugs will switch up your day-to-day lifestyle for good.

They are mostly operated through Wi-Fi with some also offering Bluetooth as an option for connection and devices can be simply controlled through an app on your phone or tablet.

Although they may sound technical, these plugs are easy to use and can be set to do different jobs throughout the day without your presence needed at home.

As well as making life a lot easier, they’re also a great way of promoting more energy efficiency by switching any devices off that are not in use.

Users can benefit from the scheduling function which can help monitor kids’ screen time and assist with turning off anything in the house from fans and lamps to dehumidifiers.

We’ve rounded up the best smart plugs on the market.

Best smart plugs at a glance

Best smart plug overall: Kasa Smart Plug


  • Kasa Smart Plug, $23.99 from Amazon – buy here

Control any of your home devices without lifting a finger with this pick from Kasa which responds to your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The Kasa app enables you to turn any devices on and off while away from home whether you’re in the office and want to turn the lights on before you leave or are on vacation.

With two plugs included in a compact design, you can rest assured this will suit any interior.

Best smart plug for Google Home: VOCOlinc Smart Plug


  • VOCOlinc Smart Plug, $9.98 from Amazon – buy here

At just $9.98 this plug will have you equipped with all the functions to monitor your living space without breaking the bank.

This works with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant depending on your preference plus, it simply requires nothing more than your voice to power on devices.

The durable and compact design supports electrical devices up to 15A and scheduling options are included so you can have peace of mind that your appliances will turn on or off at the times you choose.

Best smart plug for lights: Philips Hue 552349 Smart Plug


  • Philips Hue 552349 Smart Plug, $34.99 at Amazon – buy here

If you love nothing more than cozy lighting in your house, then the Philips hue smart plug is a must-have.

This can connect to lights through the app provided so you can control the switching on and off lights anywhere in the home from the hallway and living room to the kitchen.

Unlike other smart plugs, this uses Bluetooth once you’ve added all your lights to the hue system.

With voice command options included through Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit, you can brighten up your space wherever you are.

Best smart plug with Alexa: Amazon Smart Plug



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