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Ah, the smart home. It’s one of those sci-fi concepts that has mostly come true at this point, but a few key issues continually bring the idea crashing back to reality. But 2022 promises to be a year where hopes are finally fulfilled in big ways, bringing about a simpler, more intelligent smart home.

We’ve been thinking about the best ways to improve the smart home and have decided on the 7 improvements we most want to see this year. Maybe it’ll be lucky number 7? We’ll have to see.

Hope that Matter will finally matter

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The new smart home standard, Matter, has been a long time coming. Announced at the tail-end of 2019 as Project CHIP, it was later rebranded to Matter and has been concocted by the Connectivity Standards Alliance — a conglomeration of over 200 companies — as a way for smart home devices to finally just work with each other.

While it sounds confusing at first, Matter is just a new universal way for connected devices to talk to one another.

While it sounds confusing at first, Matter is just a new universal way for connected devices to talk to one another. Matter is often paired with Thread — a new wireless standard that’s designed specifically for smart home communication — so think of Thread as the pipe that the Matter language travels through.

Thread can already be found on several smart home devices, like the best Nanoleaf lights and even several Nest smart home products, but will work even better once others get fully on board with the standard, which is officially set to launch alongside Matter.

Matter was initially supposed to launch in 2021 but has faced a series of delays. The latest outlook for launch is sometime this summer and, if it does finally happen, would ring in a new era for smart home devices. Essentially, every major smart home device manufacturer is on board with Matter, including Google, Apple, Samsung, Ring, and almost assuredly your favorite brand, too.

We’ve even heard from several smart home brands that say they are planning on launching new products alongside Matter when it eventually launches. It’s been a long time coming but, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait!

Easier setup

Source: Android Central

Along with Matter’s eventual release should come a new, faster, and easier way of setting up and pairing your smart home devices together. It’s a similar concept to Google’s recently released quick pair functionality that was announced at CES, just for every single smart home device that supports Matter.

The dream here is that when you open the box and turn on your new smart home device — no matter if it’s a lightbulb, smart thermostat, camera, or even a smart speaker — your smartphone and all other Matter-supported devices in your home will automatically recognize its existence, making setup a simple one-click affair on your smartphone or another smart display in your home.

That’s a massive contrast to the current way most smart home devices have to be set up. No doubt you’ve gone through this experience, which often includes downloading the individual manufacturer’s app, making an account, following that setup process, then going back through the same thing in the Alexa or Google Home …….

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