8 ways to tidy your house using Alexa – Reviewed

The Jetsons may have had Rosie the Robot, but we’ve got Alexa.

Amazon’s smart assistant can do everything from show you who’s at the front door to toss your dog a treat when you’re running late. But, did you know that you can also clean with Alexa?

That’s right, you can lean on Alexa for help doing chores around the house. Even if you already have smart appliances, like a Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum or an app-controlled washer, voice assistants like Alexa can help keep your home tidy.

From setting reminders to looking up cleaning advice and ordering cleaning supplies, here are eight ways to help clean your home using Alexa.

1. Create a cleaning schedule using Alexa

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Struggle with household tasks? Create a feasible routine to follow with the help of Alexa.

It’s no secret that a home stays clean when you tidy up regularly. And with Alexa reminders, you’ll never forget to get the job done. Using an Echo device, like a smart speaker or smart display, or the Alexa app for iOS and Android, you can set regular reminders to help yourself stay on track—all you have to do is ask.

For example, you might set an Alexa reminder to take out the trash every Monday at 6 p.m., mop the floors every Saturday morning, or to change out your HVAC filter every so often. You can set up single or recurring reminders with Alexa and even specify which Echo device you want to receive the reminder. The latter is a great way to remind kids to clean their bedroom every Sunday evening (or other regular chores) without feeling like a nag.

Lean on Alexa to remind you of those outdoor household maintenance chores like cleaning the gutters, scheduling your A/C tune-up, and fertilizing your lawn.

2. Order cleaning supplies

Out of dish soap? Need more laundry detergent? Alexa can be your personal Amazon shopper—if you let her. Beyond saving you a trip to the grocery store, this feature allows you to order things on the spot, so you don’t forget to order them later. Before you can shop with Alexa, make sure to link your Amazon Prime account details in the Alexa app.

You can place orders with Alexa by saying, “Alexa, add [item name] to my shopping cart.” If you don’t state the exact product name you want, Alexa will read you popular options to pick from or tell you your recent similar purchases to help determine what to order. After you’ve added all of your items to the cart, say, “Alexa, I’m ready to check out” and she’ll help you complete the process by voice.

As an alternative to a list, Alexa can order single items on the fly, which is really handy if you want to place your order ASAP. To do so, say, “Alexa, order [product name]” and follow her instructions to finalize your purchase.

3. Vacuum the floors

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Alexa can begin tasks like vacuuming the floor, so you don’t have to–technology doesn’t get much better than this.

You can outsource chores like vacuuming to Alexa. Yes, you read correctly—Alexa can vacuum the floors for you if you have a compatible smart robot vacuum like the …….

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