8 ways your smart home can save you energy – Reviewed

It’s hot out there—and you’re likely running your A/C or ceiling fan on full blast more often than you normally would. With cities across the country facing rising temperatures—and energy prices—you may be able to save some dough by leaning on your smart home.

Yes, smart devices like app- and voice-controlled plugs, bulbs, thermostats, and more can lead to a reduction in energy consumption, and therefore a lower monthly bill during hot and cold months. So can routines, schedules, and other home automation features that help your network of devices work more efficiently together and help you become more mindful of your energy habits.

Here are 8 ways your smart home can save you energy.

1. Make energy saving adjustments to your HVAC system

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The Home/Away Assist feature can adjust the temperature after you leave and won’t cool or heat your home while it’s empty–unless you need it to.

The comforts of heating and cooling come with a price tag and in summer, those numbers tend to be sky-high. In fact, due to 2022’s record temperatures, predictions are indicating that electric bills could rise as much as 45%.

Daunting as that is, there’s a solution: equipping your home with a smart thermostat, like the Amazon Smart Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat.

Both of these gadgets are designed to learn your habits and preferences, which then allows them to make automatic adjustments to your home’s heating and cooling schedule.

The result? A more efficient system for keeping your home comfortable, that just so happens to cause less energy consumption in the process.

Hoping for more feedback from your thermostat? Google thermostats offer programs like Nest Renew and Seasonal Savings, to help customers save more.

Additionally, if you find yourself away from home, wondering about your home’s internal temperature, you can check in and adjust it remotely.

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Shop at Amazon

2. Turn things off remotely with a smart plug

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Pair your favorite virtual assistant with this smart plug.

If you’re someone who regularly wonders if you remembered to turn off a light, flat iron, or coffee maker, smart plugs are absolutely worth investing in.

As convenient as they are when you’re home—given they can be paired with smart assistants like Alexa so that you can turn things on and off with your voice—they’re particularly great remotely.

That’s because you can simply hop into your coordinating app to turn things off even when you’re away from home.

Some smart plugs, like Kasa smart plugs, even go so far as to analyze usage consumption, so you can learn your habits and find ways to embrace a more sustainable, less energy-consuming routine.

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3. Program outdoor plugs so that your lights and holiday decorations are only on when necessary

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With the Wyze Plug, you can take full stock of the dual outlet for your devices.

Whether it’s inflatables for the holiday season or your backyard patio string lights, outdoor smart plugs are designed to help you only power these devices when you need to.

The Wyze …….

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