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Rating: 9.32/10


  • Wide variety of devices and add-ons 
  • Several premium features, including voice-activated wall button
  • One of the best in-home range distance (1,300 feet)
  • Long battery life (five days)


  • More expensive than other systems

In response, a Medical Guardian representative said, “The reason customers rave about Medical Guardian is because of our industry-leading customer experience. From the first initial touchpoint with a life safety consultant all the way through to any interaction with our 24/7 Guardian Care Team, our customers and loved ones are treated to a standard of care that the ones closest to them would expect and desire. To do this right, all the way through, we don’t cut corners. Which means, that yes, we are more expensive than other options on the market, but we consistently find that our customers certainly do not regret choosing to trust us in some of the most critical moments of their lives.”

Monthly cost: $29.95 and up 

Device range: 1,300 feet (Classic)

Connection type: Landline; AT&T cell

Fall detection: $10 per month 

Not only does Medical Guardian offer a wider variety of devices than most providers on this list, but the company also offers a selection of quality add-ons to customize your medical alert system, including fall detection, a caregiver app, real-time text and email caregiver notifications, a lockbox and wall buttons activated by touch or voice. The fact that Medical Guardian offers both home and on-the-go devices as well as its impressive array of add-ons earned Medical Guardian our pick for “Largest Product Variety.”

A further testament to the breadth of the Medical Guardian product line-up is the fact that the company offers all of the top four most important special features in a medical alert system, according to a February 2022 Home Media survey. The over 1,000 medical alert system users we surveyed chose automatic fall detection, GPS location tracking, a mobile app for family and caregivers and voice recognition, respectively, as the most essential special features. In fact, the only special feature our survey identified that Medical Guardian doesn’t provide is health monitoring. The rest — wearable devices or smartwatch, calls or texts to emergency upon dispatch and daily check-in services — Medical Guardian offers.

The company advertises five different systems: two for at home and three for on the go. You can upgrade to premium features like automatic fall detection with all systems, and voice-activated, wall mounted-buttons with the home systems. All systems come with access to the MyGuardian portal and app. 

Medical Guardian also has The Monitoring Association’s (TMA) Five Diamond Certification, which designates that the company’s monitoring center employees have passed extensive training and are held to higher quality standards. TMA Five Diamond Certification is not a requirement, and only about half of the providers on this list have the certification.

Medical Guardian is a bit pricier than other systems, so make sure to compare prices with your budget. Below is a brief summary of each system, including recommendations. 


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