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Stay home lifestyle has been a huge part of our lives with the emergence of COVID-19. We got to realize there is so much to upgrade in our living spaces and our homes as we started to spend more time than ever at home. While only 50% of our waking time was spent at home on average in 2019, it increased to 62% in 2020. 

Spending more time at home brought up many issues we never thought could be possible. Most of us started from working home and sought many solutions to bring office comfort to our houses. Some of us became obliged to learn how to live with others, or how to stay home all alone for days. To present solutions to the ongoing stay home lifestyle, we listed 9 of our favorite smart home devices to make your life easier at home.  

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Google Nest Smart Smoke detector promises to be the perfect fit for your home decor with its unique design. But it’s of course not limited to that. It has a soft and calming voice to let you know early when there’s a smoke or carbon monoxide alert in your living space. In the case of being away from home, Google Nest Smart Smoke Detector alerts you on your phone if it detects danger.

It has wired and wireless options, and if you get to pick the one that requires charging, it is not a problem because Google Nest tests its battery and gives you a nightly promise to make sure everything is working when you turn the lights off. Its lights are not on at night, but it never forgets to light your way if you pass by it when it’s dark inside. 

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Google Nest Thermostat is by far one of the smartest google home products around with its adaptability to your household. Besides having a simple design that will never strain your eyes, it will also take the lead in keeping your house at the temperature you want. It lets you create an energy-efficient schedule on your Google Home App and even memorizes your heating and cooling preferences to save you from the burden. 

It turns itself off when you leave the house, and gets back on when you come back. It is also equipped with many features to help you save energy, and end up with affordable bills at the end of the month. 

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 With Google Nest x Yale Lock, our house keys seem to be a little extra. It is a secure smart lock for your front door that comes with many perks. You can lock and unlock your door through smart lock’s built-in touch screen, Nest mobile app, or Google Assistant voice commands; you won’t need to search for your keys anywhere anymore. What’s more, it also saves your family members and close friends to search for the keys or you as x Yale Lock provides creating multiple passcodes for them as well. But in the days that you don’t want to be disturbed, x Yale Lock helps you keep everyone outside even though they have passcodes. 

Maintenance is also the last thing to worry about for this smart lock; it not only sends …….

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