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While shiny connected smart home tech is a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work to replace everything in your home. As such, ways to make “dumb” hardware around the home a little smarter is always welcome, and that’s what you get from the Amazon Smart Plug. Whatever the hardware, if it requires electricity, you can probably plug it into one of these.

What it does is hook up your previously disconnected piece of hardware to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. And that means voice control and full integration into Alexa routines. The U.S. version is even designed so that they can be stacked on top of each other at a wall outlet. Typically it’s not the easiest product to recommend as it’s not the most affordable of its kind, but for Prime Day, all that goes away. Now is the time to grab a bunch of them with an almost 50% discount.

Normally the Amazon Smart Plug costs $25 for a single unit, but right now that’s down to $13 and at that price, it’s a completely different game. If you’re already in the Alexa ecosystem the Amazon Smart Plug makes a lot of sense, since you don’t need another third-party app or skill. You just set it up in the Alexa app.

Voice control allows you to turn the plugs on or off at will, but the real power comes through Alexa routines. This means you can integrate the operation of the Amazon Smart Plug and whatever is connected to it with any other skill or trigger you want to use in your home.

    Make anything in your home a little smarter with this amazing deal on a smart plug and link anything you like to the Alexa ecosystem.

Away for a while? Set the lights to come on automatically at a certain time of day. Plug in the coffee maker, the TV, or virtually anything else. It supports up to 15A so is suitable for most devices in the home. I use one with my morning routine, which triggers the plug to turn on when the alarm goes off so everything in my office is ready for the work day.

The deal is on now through the end of Prime Day for Amazon Prime members, so definitely take a chance and make your existing home appliances a little smarter.

Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/amazon-smart-plug-prime-day-deal/


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