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  • I was a smart home reviewer for years, testing everything from smart bulbs to door locks to cameras.
  • Even though I don’t review smart home products anymore, there are some I still use every day.

I tested and reviewed smart home products for over five years, so my apartment was always stuffed with the latest tech. I had smart locks on my doors, cameras all over the place, and connected pet feeders. 

When I moved on to writing about other topics, I ditched a lot of these gadgets. Some, like the smart pet feeder, became useless when their companies shut down. 

But there are still a few smart home gadgets that continue to make my life easier. Nothing is fully automated or works without a hitch, but these are the products that have lasted for years and still earn a spot in my smart-ish home, making them easy to recommend.

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Here are the 6 smart home products that I still use regularly:

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