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Ahead of CES 2022, your HomeKit Insider hosts tackle a wide array of listener questions ranging from the simple — such as how to name your smart home devices — to the more complex, such as how HomeKit handles multiple garage doors.

News is light this week, though we expect a myriad of HomeKit-related announcements to come out of the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show that is also happening this week.

While we wait, we answer many of the questions submitted by our audience.

Alex Hall wanted to inquire about LED light panels that are HomeKit-compatible that could be ceiling-mounted.

Chris Doiron has asked what the proper nomenclature is for naming devices in your smart home. This can get especially complicated in rooms with multiple of the same device type.

Joshua Meier recently has had issues programming new automations in his home and wanted some suggestions on what he could try to troubleshoot the issue.

David Garcia wondered what the best option is for controlling his existing ceiling fan is with HomeKit.

Jim Heatherly questioned how HomeKit knows what garage door opener to present in CarPlay for homes that have multiple doors connected to HomeKit.

Angel Vargus asked what was going on recently with Eufy as the company’s recent cameras haven’t included support for HomeKit.

On Twitter, we were asked what we thought of the new LifX switch that appears to include support for HomeKit.

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