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Amazon Echo is one of the most used smart home devices to date. It is simply an all-around gadget that you can use in almost all tasks, whether it’s related to recreation, shopping, daily routine, and others.

This speaker won’t be fully-operational without using the company’s own digital assistant, Alexa. Throughout the years, people have found convenience in accessing Echo because of this virtual assistant technology.

If you want to manage your own smart home gadget effectively, here’s what you can do to make the most out of it.

Ways to Manage Your Amazon Echo Thru Alexa App

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Here’s how to properly manage your Amazon Echo through the Alexa app.

There are a lot of things that you can do with Alexa. It’s simply customizable and thus easy to use. You can change your Echo device through it. You can also change Alexa’s voice in the meantime.

Outside those, this virtual assistant has so much to offer that might catch you off guard. Here’s what you need to know to get started using your Amazon Echo.

Change the Name of Your Amazon Echo

Upon purchasing your Amazon Echo device from the company, you will see a default name once you access it. Did you know you can edit its name afterward through the Alexa app? 

First, open the Alexa app through your smartphone and go to the Devices. Make sure to tap Echo as your device, then head to Settings. Once you’re done with this, begin editing your device’s name.

Alter Alexa’s Default Voice

Some people do not prefer using the default female voice of Amazon’s AI assistant. In this case, it’s time to tweak it a little bit.

To begin, go to the Alexa app and head to the Echo Device Settings. Browse over until you see Alexa’s Voice. Look for the New option and select your desired voice for the virtual assistant.

If you want to revert its voice to the original one, just choose Original from the Voice menu.

Tweak the Wake Word 

Setting a wake word is another trick you can do through the Alexa app on your Amazon Echo. The default wake word is “Alexa,” but you can set other options if you want to change it right away.

To start, open the app and head to the Echo Device Settings. Go to General until you stumble upon the option showing Wake Word. From here, you can now change the Alexa wake word to Ziggy, Echo, or Computer.

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Activate Notification Tones and Alarm

Apart from the previously mentioned ways, you can actually customize your notification sounds on your smart home gadget through the Alexa app. To do this, you must go to the Echo Device Settings menu first.

Once you’re already there, go to the General menu and look for Sound. You can now adjust the volume for your notifications, alarms, and even timers.

Aside from these, here are the other tricks you can try with your Amazon Echo.

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