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REVIEW: Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is an unfamiliar-looking smart home device with familiar Alexa features.

The Echo Show 10 doesn’t introduce anything new other than its rotating screen and its 13MP front camera. Both of which are great, only if they benefit you.

The rotating screen is at its best in a large room where you move around a lot, but it’s a bit pointless in a smaller room. The 13MP camera provides a clear and detailed picture but it’s only useful if you make video calls. And who’s doing that? No seriously, who’s video calling from their smart home device? Because I’m certainly not.

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If you don’t require either of these things, then there isn’t a lot here to get excited about. YouTube is still terrible, and the device has a poor touchscreen that makes accurately controlling the device (without your voice) a pain. It’s saving grace, in my kitchen at least, is the rotating screen.


  • Rotating screen will follow you around
  • Great audio
  • 13MP front camera is clear and sharp


  • Touch controls are poor
  • No dedicated YouTube app
  • Not compatible with some major streaming services


The Echo Show 10 costs $439.


The familiar design, found in previous Echo Show devices, is gone. The Echo Show 10 is entirely different and undoubtedly unique.

The 10.1″ HD screen attaches to a cylindrical base allowing it to rotate 350°. When Alexa is summoned, the screen will spin to look at the person speaking. It also allows for motion tracking in which the screen will follow you as you move around the room, turned on via the button on top or by saying, “Alexa, follow me.”

There’s no denying it’s cool. The brushless motor inside the device is incredibly quiet, and its tracking is accurate. Depending on the layout of the room you have it in, it’s a great feature.

In my house, the Echo Show 10 is in the kitchen, which I’m sure is the case for many households. The rotating screen makes it easy to watch TV shows and videos from anywhere. I can be cooking on one side of the room, move to the other side to do the dishes, and the screen will still be in perfect view. For smaller rooms, it may not be as useful.

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