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December 24, 2021 by No Comments

Amazon’s Echo Show line has been around for four years, but until now the screen sizes have ranged from five to 10 inches, making it ideal as a multipurpose bedside alarm or a companion screen in the kitchen. The 15-inch Echo Show 15, available now, is by far the largest size Amazon has attempted, and it’s also notably the first Echo Show you can mount on your wall. Because of that, the company is betting some people will use it not just as a digital photo frame, but also as a family bulletin board. If that’s specifically what you want out of a smart display, the Echo Show 15 could be a niche but very fitting match. Somehow, though, we suspect that’s not most people.

Gallery: Amazon Echo Show 15 review | 25 Photos

Gallery: Amazon Echo Show 15 review | 25 Photos

Framed like a painting

The Echo Show 15 looks like it belongs in a gallery. Its 15.6-inch screen is surrounded by a 0.7-inch white bezel (similar to the matting around a painting), which itself is housed in an elegant black metal enclosure. It’s also quite slim at only 1.4 inches thick. If you told me this was a picture frame, from far away I would probably believe you. The one telltale clue is the camera on the top left corner. You can hide it with a physical shutter using a toggle at the top edge of the frame, where you’ll also find volume controls and a microphone mute button.


  • Beautiful picture frame design
  • Large and bright screen
  • Widgets are useful


  • Average camera and audio quality
  • Desktop stand sold separately
  • Limited widget library

Since the Show 15 was designed to be hung on a wall, it comes with a mounting bracket along with the necessary hardware. (You’ll have to supply your own electric drill of course.) Amazon only supplies a five-foot electrical cord, though, so you’ll want to mount the device reasonably close to an outlet. Alternatively, you can also route the wire through the wall like you might with a TV, but that’s a more complicated setup.


You can choose to mount the Show 15 horizontally or vertically, but you can’t rotate it while it’s still on the wall. You’ll have to take it off, flip the bracket, then put the display back on. The same goes for a desktop stand; you’ll have to choose your preferred orientation before placing the Show 15 on it.

I didn’t want to drill into my walls (especially not to accommodate a device I’m merely borrowing for this story), so I opted to use the Sanus Tilt Stand that Amazon sent me for review. It’s fairly hefty and bulky, taking up considerable space on my kitchen counter. As its name …….



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