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Amazon’s Echo Show 15 ($249.99) is the company’s largest and most unique smart display yet: It resembles a picture frame and hangs on the wall like one, while its widgets and face-detection capabilities make it a useful information hub for every member of your household. That said, its audio and camera quality are disappointing, widgets are currently very limited, and both widgets and face detection will be rolled out onto other Echo Show devices. Unless you specifically need a smart display to hang on your wall, Amazon’s other Echo Shows might serve you better. For example, the $129.99 Echo Show 8 costs half as much as the Echo Show 15 and offers superior speakers. And for $249.99, the Echo Show 10 is the best model for video calls thanks to a motorized base that allow its cameras to follow you around the room.

Designed for Mounting

The Echo Show 15 measures 9.9 by 15.8 by 1.4 inches (HWD) and weighs 4 pounds, 4 ounces. It looks similar to a framed, matted piece of art. A 15-inch screen with a 0.7-inch white border sit under a glass panel, surrounded by a 0.4-inch matte black metal bezel for an attractive, minimalist look.

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(Photo: Will Greenwald)

A 5MP camera in the left corner of the white matte border is the only element that punctuates the clean aesthetic. The edge of the frame to the left of the camera houses pinhole microphones for hands-free Alexa use, while the edge to the right of that corner has a physical camera cover switch, as well as buttons for mic mute, volume down, and volume up.

The back of the Echo Show 15 has a square-shaped groove for the included mounting bracket, along with four screw holes. A circular recess houses the power connector and a micro USB port for service. 

(Photo: Will Greenwald)

The included mounting bracket and hardware allow you to secure the Echo Show on your wall, either horizontally or vertically. However, because of its narrow depth, you can’t just set it on a table like most other smart displays. If you want a stand, you have to pay extra; the Sanus Tilt Stand costs an additional $29.99.

Amazon sent us the stand for testing. It’s a simple, appropriately heavy stand with a rectangular matte black foot that keeps the Echo Show 15 steady in either landscape or portrait orientation. The mounting arm of the stand has a hinge that lets you tilt it up to 30 degrees. It works well, but putting the Echo Show 15 on a table defeats its biggest appeal, which is the ability to hang it on a wall.

The centerpiece of the Echo Show 15 is a 15-inch, 1,920-by-1,080-pixel touch screen. It’s a bit smaller and less sharp than the Facebook Portal+’s 15.6-inch, 2,160-by-1,440 screen, but it still looks clear and crisp. We can’t measure its contrast and color like we can with TVs, but anecdotally it looks bright and colorful enough for a smart display. Don’t expect the kind of light or color output you get with a good 4K TV, though—just from eyeballing it, it clearly doesn’t attempt to present a high dynamic range (HDR) or a wide color space.

(Photo: Will Greenwald)

The large screen helps drive the newest Echo Show feature: at-a-glance widgets that provide …….



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