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February 25, 2022 by No Comments

The Echo Show 15 is a wall-mounted smart display for the entire family to enjoy. It’s one of the best ways to experience Alexa in your home thanks to the big screen and stylish design, while the new widgets are a welcome addition, although still in their infancy. The device’s probably a bit chunkier than you expect – but it is a promising direction and one that we hope continues to be refined in the coming years.

With a black border and white bezels that more resembles an artistic frame than a piece of cutting-edge tech, the recently-released device will be a head-turner when placed on a wall of your home – and is especially well-suited to the kitchen.

Like the rest of our guide to the best smart speakers, you can ask questions, play music, hear news reports, check recipes, set alarms, make calls and more.

Unlike the others, the Echo Show 15 gives you a selection of customizable widgets and the ability to get that big 15.6-inch 1080p display – the largest you can get in an Amazon smart display as of writing – off the counter and onto your wall.

The display size isn’t the only thing that’s bigger. At £239.99, the Echo Show 15 is also one of the most expensive in the series, and if you want to place it horizontally for some reason, the cost rises by £30 as you have to buy an extra stand.

So how does it compare to the other Echo Show devices? What makes it special? And crucially, is it actually worth your money? Here’s our Echo Show 15 review.

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Echo Show 15 review: summary

We tested the Echo Show 15 over the course of a week, setting it up inside an office and kitchen while pairing it with devices including a phone via the Alexa app and a Eufy video doorbell, alongside services including Spotify and Prime Video.

Almost immediately after opening the box, we had one main question: Is there more to the Echo Show 15 than meets the eye, or is this simply a fancy new design?

Ultimately, the Show 15 justifies its existence. It not only provides the typically-solid Alexa experience but doubles as an accessible entertainment centre, while the widgets make it visually pleasing and intuitive to navigate with touch controls and finger swipes – even if most are still a little too limited to be fully enjoyed.

The display is big and bright, using a simple layout that’s easy to follow for all types of users and accomplishes its core mission of being a centre-piece for a family to share. Unfortunately, the Echo Show 15 does not have Zigbee compatibility so using it to actually power your smart home is much trickier than it should be.

After setup, which takes approximately 10-20 minutes, it’s clear that the Echo Show 15 will be best if you are already in Amazon’s ecosystem of devices.

In terms of extra apps or widgets, there’s little-to-no wiggle room. The same goes for resizing and placing those widgets around the home screen, and we were constantly having to remember this is not a “proper” tablet when it comes to scrolling through apps – although it thankfully does have YouTube and a web browser.

From online shopping to watching video content via Prime to listening to audiobooks, Amazon happily provides all of the add-ons and services you could possibly need. …….



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