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If you’re shopping on Amazon for smart home-security systems, then a few names probably jump out: Ring, Google Nest and Wyze. Each is a bestseller of security and surveillance equipment on Amazon. Here’s an overview of the three brands, from their most popular accessories or do-it-yourself systems, to the main reasons why each could be the right home-security choice for you.

Top products in this article:

Ring Video Doorbell 4 – improved 4-second color video previews plus easy installation, and enhanced wifi – 2021 release, $200

Google Nest Cam Outdoor – weatherproof outdoor camera for home security – surveillance camera with night vision – control with your phone, $197

Wyze Cam Spotlight, Wyze Cam v3 security camera with spotlight kit, 1080p HD security camera with two-way audio and siren, IP65 weatherproof, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, $50 (reduced from $53)

Amazon’s Ring

Once upon a time known as Doorbot, Ring has been an Amazon-owned company since 2018. It’s best known for its Ring Video Doorbell. 


The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that offers Alexa functionality and captures HD-quality video of your visitors, both expected and unexpected. It also allows for two-way talk between your visitor and you — wherever you happen to be when you’re monitoring the goings-on from your connected device.  

The latest iteration of the Ring Video Doorbell is the Ring Video Doorbell 4, which lists at $200 on Amazon. The battery-powered device features pre-roll video previews of all motion events, and enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities over the Ring Video Doorbell 3.

If you’re already a Ring Video Doorbell owner, then building your DIY home-security system around the device is a no-brainer. You can easily expand your set-up by linking your Ring doorbell to any number of accessories. Some of the current Amazon best-sellers are the battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam with built-in siren and the $60 Ring Indoor Cam.  


If you prefer buying to building, then you can purchase a Ring system, such as the best-selling eight-piece Ring Alarm kit. It’s $249 at Amazon.


Ring says the eight-piece kit works best for for one- or two-bedroom homes. It includes one base station, one keypad, four contact sensors, one motion detector, and, of course, a Ring Alarm. It lists on Amazon for $250. 

If you’re already an Alexa-friendly house, then Ring’s also a no-brainer. Being an Amazon company, Ring devices are fully fluent in Alexa. On Amazon, you’ll even find Ring-Alexa bundles, like this package consisting of a Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Dot, now on sale for $220. 


Add more layers of protection, not to mention video storage, to this bundle, or to any Ring device, by purchasing a sold-separately Ring Protect subscription. Plans start at $3 a month.   

Below is a recap on some of the Ring products mentioned here. 




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