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These three devices can totally change the way you live. Save a pile of money, and scoop up these smart components now. (Photo: Amazon)

If you’ve been waiting till Christmas to treat yourself to something, then now’s the time to head over to Amazon’s super secret sales site. Each week the retailer offers deep discounts on specific Amazon tech items, from smart home devices to TVs to security components. 

This week there are some great sales for anyone who wants to update their home; an Amazon Echo Dot with a Sengled smart lightbulb is just $20. Both are easy to install, which means you can be adjusting the mood (“Alexa turn the lights pink”) in no time. See other easy upgrades below, or check out the entire sale page here. 

Prime members can get their smart devices even faster — many items ship in two-days for members. Amazon Prime members also get access to thousands of songs, movies and TV shows as well as discounts at Whole Foods and more. If you’re not a Prime member yet, head click here to start a free 30-day trial. 

The Amazon Echo Dot with a Sengled smart lightbulb is just $20 total!

The Amazon Echo Dot is multitalented. One of the things it can do is adjust the Sengled smart light to any of a gazillion colors. (Photo: Amazon)

If you want a smart home but don’t love the idea of a smart screen starting at you, the Amazon Echo Dot is the device for you. It’s small and unobtrusive; it can play music, podcasts or audiobooks; it can make calls for you; and it can deliver weather, news and traffic updates. In the Amazon secret sale section, we found this bundle, pairing the Echo Dot with a Sengled color-changing Bluetooth light bulb, for just $20 total! You can dim, brighten or change the color with a simple voice command.

A reviewer who started out with a single Echo device says, “After setting it up and streaming my favorite music, getting the weather, news and being able to get an answer to the dumb questions my family can make up, I ordered four more. I’ve set them up throughout the house to use as an intercom and got one to give to friends. Like a cell phone, I don’t know how we lived before having the Echo Dot, and I wish I had ordered them sooner. I really love it! I really like that it can be used to make calls — which helps out since we don’t have a landline phone at the house.”

$20 $50 at Amazon

Adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, with Amazon’s easy-to-install Smart Thermostat. (Photo: Amazon)

Imagine being able to turn up the heat on your commute home, adjust the temperature from bed — or shut down the system when you’re on vacation, no matter how far away you are. The Amazon Smart Thermostat allows for all that and more. If you have an Alexa device, you can even control the temperature with your voice (and Alexa can even talk you through setting up the device). The Amazon Smart Thermostat is on sale right now from $60 to …….



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