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As the Internet of things (IoT) becomes a modern-day mainstay in homes – voice assistant devices and colour-changing smart lighting being some of the more popular examples – the convenience from automation has homeowners thinking if they can go from isolated devices to a fully connected, intelligent habitat.

As a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, a wireless protocol segment that seeks to unify the development of smart products for seamless integration, Daikin aims to support that vision with its D’SmartHome technology. With the D’SmartHome ecosystem, homes are transformed to offer occupants an enhanced lifestyle of comfort, convenience and security.

Switch off all linked devices with one tap as you rush out for that appointment, or draw the curtains and have the right light settings for a movie night all from your phone. And even for those who are new to smart solutions, you’ll be assured of a seamless experience thanks to Daikin’s after-sales service support that smoothly brings these elegant applications to life for everyone.


Think about what expresses a welcoming ambience. Is it a refreshing and cool greeting when you return? Or curtains that close to cosy up the room as the warm lights come on? With D’SmartHome Solutions, you can control these elements through preset scenes or individually tweak them when the occasion calls for it, with a ready device just about anyone has these days – a smartphone.

When hooked up to the Smart Hub, the D’SmartHome app (available on iOS and Android) becomes your one remote controller and monitor for all appliances linked wirelessly to the device. Turn on the 5-tick energy-efficient Daikin air-conditioner with a tap, and let its in-built smart diagnostics maintain a chilly breeze without fail. Couple that with Daikin’s air purifier with Streamer Technology – proven to remove PM1.0 air pollutants – and you’ll have created for your family and yourself a cool, safe bubble to return to.

Is it movie night already? Free up your hands to prepare popcorn and snacks, and let your voice assistant prepare the room for you instead. When connected with the Smart Hub, you can instruct the curtains to close with motorised attachments while you dim the lights to grant that cinematic experience. Mid-way through, whether it’s lights on for a bathroom break or turning up the temperature, you don’t have to budge from your couch when the control is all in the palm of your hand.

D’SmartHome Solutions is not just about automation but gaining access to data and monitoring not typically available.

For instance, with Daikin’s Home Energy Management System and Smart Plug-in Switch installed, you’ll gain insights into your energy consumption every day. The best part? The mobile app also lets you instantly switch off any offending appliances – especially useful if you tend to forget turning them off when you leave the house. 


Ultimately, smart solutions are made to not only grant convenience and control, but also intelligent supervision. This is where the security system for D’SmartHome really shines.

When it comes to monitoring, a pairing of surveillance camera and motion sensors is ideal if you have concerns about members of the family or pets at home. Motion sensors can be placed to trigger handy notifications when a member of the family – say an elderly relative – leaves or returns to the house, or when a pet sneaks into a …….



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