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Smart home technology isn’t just a sci-fi fantasy or the plot of a Disney Channel Original movie any longer, as companies and technology have now progressed to the point where consumers are capable of having a voice command do so much by saying so little. While companies like Google and Amazon have been quick to adopt smart speakers, it’s taken a few attempts from Apple to really nail that experience for users in their ecosystem of products. Their latest version of a smart home device, the HomePod Mini, is what it says it is on the tin: a smaller version of their HomePod device, meant to be both speaker and gateway for home automation.

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But how does it fare? Apple sent us a unit to try out. Read my full Apple HomePod Mini review below to find out.

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Setup: As Easy as They Come

Upon unboxing the HomePod Mini and plugging it into the wall, you’ll be treated with a swirling light on the top touchpad, as well as hearing a sound akin to the THX logo. Once the unit is active, you’ll need to have an iPhone or iPad handy to walk through the next few steps, which doesn’t take long at all; I couldn’t quite capture the specific prompt, but there’s a moment where your iPhone will ask you to frame the HomePod Mini in your camera in order to finish setup, which is both a neat trick and a cool bit of functionality.

apple homepod mini review

After setting up, which only takes about two minutes, you’ll be prompted by your device to try out a few different Siri-based voice commands to get a feel for what she’s capable of doing.


Design: Apple in Every Way

The look and feel of the Apple HomePod Mini are decidedly Apple; it’s very minimal, and the overall design isn’t much bigger than a standard mid-size candle you’d find at Bath and Body Words, but with details that really establish it as an Apple product, down to the white accents, the polished look and just how striking it appears in a home. I had my review unit placed on the lip of a window in my office, and, even with the white cord rather visible, the Mini eventually just disappeared into the background of my space. I imagine it will be even less noticeable if you were to tuck the cord (which attaches to an included 20-watt charging brick via USB-C) behind a dresser to hide it further out of sight. The mesh itself is softer than it looks and not at all like the wire-y sneaker material you’re used to seeing. There are also no included USB ports, so it really is just the orb-like device, and that’s all.

Apple HomePod Mini Close up Featured Image</…….



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