Apple Rumored to Be Developing Four New Smart Home Devices – HYPEBEAST

New rumors are now suggesting that Apple has more smart home devices in the works. The report comes once again from Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, who claims that the tech giant is currently developing four new smart home devices aimed at making your daily lives more convenient.

The first two both revolve around the company’s HomePod range, with one simply being an updated version of the current HomePod Mini while the other will be a revival of the original HomePod, a rumor that Gurman had previously written about already.

The spotlight falls on the other two devices, which will be completely new additions to Apple’s lineup of tech gadgets. One of them is claimed to be a new smart display for your kitchen, combining a screen resembling an iPad with smart speakers, while the other will bring together the features of an Apple TV, HomePod and camera all into one device for your living room. While Gurman says it’s possible not all four projects will ultimately be released, he also added that one of the latter two could arrive as early as next year.

For more things Apple, the new iPhone 14 is said to replace some existing iPhone 13 colors with a purple colorway.



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