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India is known for its scorching hot summers, starting from March and extending up to September. The dog days of summer can get unbearable. This year, Gurugram broke the record for the hottest day in April, with temperatures soaring to 44.5 degrees celsius. Since the end of March 2022, the maximum temperature has stayed above the 40-degree mark in large parts of the country, which will likely continue through the next couple of months. 

As the summer heat reaches its peak, people opt for several cooling appliances like fans, air coolers, ACs, etc. However, traditional home appliances now need to work harder to fight the roaring heat waves, which are getting worse every year. Adopting Smart Home Appliances can work wonders in beating the heat. Smart and internet-enabled appliances are incredibly convenient, and valuable weapons to win the war against escalating temperatures. That is why they are rapidly becoming must-haves this season in Indian households.

Why Smart Home Appliances?

Home automation-enabled Smart Home Appliances are eco-friendly and offer exceptional convenience, seamless implementation & usage, enhanced appliance functionality, and much more. These benefits make Smart Home Appliances the new way of living, providing homeowners a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. Here are some top Smart Home Appliances to beat the heat:

Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart ceiling fans are undoubtedly versatile, facilitating cooling in summers. These fans help save energy and money. Smart ceiling fans have emerged as the ideal and affordable solution, and are immensely sophisticated and easy to use. Their automated features like geolocation settings and occupancy sensors ensure that the fans spin only when necessary. Besides, some smart fans also have integrated lights that offer a range of brightness levels.

Smart ceiling fans come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allow people to operate them even when not in the vicinity, using an Android or iOS device. Moreover, the integration of voice control technologies like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., makes such ceiling fans all-rounders, and a better choice than conventional fans.

Smart Air Coolers

Indian summers are intolerable without air coolers. Automated air coolers can be a powerful combination of efficiency and convenience, to effectively beat the harshness of summers. The smart air coolers have dura-pump technology and special honeycomb pads that bring down the temperature in minutes and absorb and retain moisture for an extended duration. Besides, they are inverter compatible and have motor thermal overload protection, with a special dust protection filter that provides whisper-quiet performance. These features ensure that a cool breeze flows smoothly throughout the room, even when there are unexpected power cuts.

Moreover, smart air coolers are eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and involve minimal capital investment & operational costs so that homeowners can enjoy cleaner, healthier, and breathable air even in large spaces. They can help prevent dehydration and heat strokes.

In a nutshell

Sales of Smart Home Appliances have grown rapidly since the pandemic outbreak, triggering a high market demand for cost-effective and energy-efficient appliances. Automated Smart Appliances will soon become the new normal. The onset of …….



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