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Apple HomeKit users are a patient bunch. The development of HomeKit compatible products has been a slow process, especially when compared to competing platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Case in point, video doorbells. Arguably one of the most popular devices in the smart home, the doorbell camera category is woefully slim on options for Apple users. The new Belkin Wemo Video Doorbell is one of just a handful of currently available options for HomeKit users in the US, joining the Logitech Circle View and the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell. (Arlo’s wired doorbell also works with HomeKit, but you need a $100 Arlo hub to get started).

The $250 Belkin Wemo Video Doorbell is a fast and secure option, thanks to its tight integration with HomeKit and support for HomeKit Secure Video. It has decent 1200 x 1600 HD video with HDR, a selection of useful features for keeping an eye on your front door, and an easy installation process. It’s pricey, on par with Ring’s top-of-the-line (and very good) Ring Pro 2. But it’s not the most expensive HomeKit option — the Netatmo is $300 and doesn’t support HKSV.

Verge Score

7.5 out of 10

Good Stuff

  • Easy install and setup
  • Fast notifications
  • Works with HomeKit Secure Video
  • Recognizes multiple motion events
  • Comprehensive field of view

Bad Stuff

  • Expensive
  • Misses some motion events
  • Night vision is poor
  • Facial recognition is unreliable
  • Apple only

The Wemo is a wired doorbell that connects to low-voltage (16-24v AC) doorbell wiring (there are no battery-powered HomeKit doorbell cameras). If you have a mechanical chime, you can attach a small chime box to your mechanical chime circuit to ring it when the doorbell is pressed. You can also connect the doorbell to a HomePod or HomePod Mini to have the speaker make a pleasant “ding dong” sound (this isn’t customizable, though, as is the case with other doorbells that use digital chimes or connect to Alexa and Google smart speakers).

The doorbell is short and chunky with a noticeable curve toward the top, which helps the camera look down at the floor where packages generally lurk. It’s over 2 inches deep and 5 inches tall when used with its mount — large, especially for a wired doorbell that doesn’t need to squeeze in a big battery. But it has a nice design, all black except for a steel grey pad where the button is, and its curved edges provide a different look than the other HomeKit doorbells. Compared to the Logitech, the design makes it a lot clearer where to press the button.

The Wemo doorbell does a good job of making it clear which button to push to ring the doorbell.

Installation is simple. Turn off power to your doorbell wiring and attach the included backplate to your doorframe (with or without the provided wedge mount to give you a different angle) using the included screws. Next, pull the wires through the hole in …….



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