Best Amazon Alexa Smart Home Devices –

February 9, 2022 by No Comments

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa lets you control a multitude of smart home devices simply by talking to it. Say “Goodnight” and Alexa can turn down the heat, lock your front door, and launch your robotic vacuum.

To get this kind of integrated experience, you need devices that work with Alexa, but with more than 145,000 Alexa-compatible devices out there, which should you choose?

“Just because a device has a ‘Works with Alexa’ badge doesn’t mean it’s a quality product,” says Bernie Deitrick, one of CR’s multiple test engineers for smart home products.

In CR’s labs, our test engineers spend hundreds of hours testing all kinds of devices. We rate smart speakers for their sound quality and ease of use, security cameras for video quality and data privacy, smart locks for their features and whether they resist being picked, and much, much more.

Below are top-performing Alexa-compatible smart home devices from our ratings of smart speakers, security cameras, video doorbells, DIY security systems, smart thermostats, smart locks, robotic vacuums, smart sprinkler controllers, and more.

If you’re considering purchasing other smart home devices that you don’t see here, check our ratings to see if they work with Alexa and how well they perform in our tests. For step-by-step instructions on hooking up your device to Alexa, see our guide on using Alexa to control your smart home. And if you’re looking for ideas about how to put these devices to work, check out our exhaustive smart home toolkit.



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