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Whether you own your own home or are renting an apartment, it’s never been easier to add a layer of security to help protect the place you live as well as the things you own. Home security technology has grown almost exponentially over the last decade, so no matter what you want to keep safe, you can almost certainly find something that fits your needs.

The Best Smart Home Security Deals for April 2022

Most security systems require a subscription to access the videos your cameras record beyond a certain amount of time, and others require a hub system to control the cameras but all should allow you to access your video feeds in real time via your phone, computer or other smart display. We also like cameras that allow for two-way audio interaction with whoever’s on the other side of the lens, and having a spotlight function is a nice option as well. The main choice you’ll need to make with your smart doorbell is whether or not you want a wired or wireless option; from there, cameras and detection features will vary. 

Security Camera Deals

Blink Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera (3-Pack)

For an inexpensive entry point to outdoor home security, this trio of battery-powered cameras is a good choice for an Amazon-powered home setup. Blink only works with Alexa and its Echo devices, so if you’re already in that ecosphere, these wireless cameras are easy to set up and operate. You do need a subscription plan or a home hub for video storage, but if you just want to drop in on your video feed in real time (to talk to a delivery person, for example) that’s free.

Blink Indoor Wireless HD Security Camera (3-Pack)

Since indoor cameras don’t need to be quite as robust as outdoor versions, you can save a few bucks if you just want to keep an eye on a few rooms in your home. These are also battery-powered, so you can put them wherever you want without being tethered to an outlet or a hard-wired location. Users can set up alerts to notify you when a camera notices motion, and there’s two-way audio if you want to speak to your new “guest” (or pet) through the camera. As with the other Blink cameras, these are only usable in Amazon-centric homes.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera (3-Pack)

Arlo Pro cameras aren’t cheap, but you get something that gives you a big step up from the entry-level cameras. Arlo outdoor cameras give you better connectivity without needing to set up a hub. You also get a wider field of view, better camera quality (2K resolution), and they’re rechargeable (instead of requiring non-rechargeable lithium batteries). These also add a spotlight function so you can illuminate things at night while also speaking through the camera’s two-way audio function. You do need to pay for a monthly subscription to access video recordings in the cloud, but for viewing in real-time you can access the feed through Alexa, Google, Apple HomeKit or Samsung’s SmartThings interfaces. 

Eufy Security EufyCam 1080p Security Camera (2-Pack)

For a few more bucks than the Blinks on this list (and minus one camera), Eufy gives you a few more features and flexibility for your home security setup. They’re rechargeable, for one, and between the full field of view, infrared …….



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