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Nearly two years of home isolation might have you mulling ways to increase the comfort and convenience of your abode, and taking a look at the latest crop of smart home devices announced at CES is a good place to start.

This year, vendors showed off connected gadgets for every room of the home, from Alexa-equipped refrigerators and smart bathtubs to self-cleaning robot mops and air-purifying mattresses. The focus on smart home technologies at CES 2022 is fitting; many of the top vendors scrapped in-person plans due to the ongoing Omicron surge, so most people and presenters experienced the event from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

In no particular order, we’ve rounded up the most compelling smart home gadgets we saw at this year’s show. Most of them aren’t available yet, but even prototypes offer a peek at a more connected future. 

1. Conway Smart Care Air Mattress

Your mattress may soon be able to help you breathe a little easier. The new Conway Smart Care Air Mattress features a built-in air purifier, humidifier, aroma dispenser, and self-dimming lights to set the mood for a good night’s rest. When you hop into bed, it emits relaxing scents as its lights slowly dim to ease you into slumber. While you sleep, the mattress distributes clean air from all four sides, so you don’t wake up with a stuffy nose. It can also detect your body pressure and position to automatically adjust the firmness level, helping you drift off at night and wake up in the morning. The Smart Care Air Mattress might arrive in the US this year for $5,000. 

2. Cync Smart Thermostat, Security Cameras

GE Lighting’s Cync brand is expanding its product lineup beyond smart lights. At this year’s show, the company introduced a smart thermostat, a room temperature sensor, and a line of outdoor security cameras. The Cync Smart Thermostat, slated to launch this month, is affordable at just $119.99 and doesn’t require a common wire or separate hub. You can simply use the Cync mobile app to control the thermostat and pair a $29.99 Temperature Sensor with it to ensure that individual rooms stay at a set temperature.

The Cync Outdoor Smart Camera boasts 2K/1,280P HD video, night vision, a digital swivel head, and supports cloud and local storage. The outdoor camera is set for a February launch and will be available in both wired and battery/solar-powered options, starting at $99.99 and $129.99, respectively. 

3. Echelon EX-8S Connect

The Echelon EX-8S Connect smart stationary bike boasts two eye-catching features that set it apart from the competition: a curved screen and LED accent lighting. The 24-inch curved 5K touch screen features front and rear speakers for surround sound; it promises a more immersive audiovisual experience than its flat counterparts, virtually transporting you to the front row of one of Echelon’s new Pitbull-themed classes. And dual-LED flywheel light rings can sync with the music or change colors based on your heart rate zone and output rating. The bike costs $2,399.98 and comes with a one-year Echelon United membership, making the EX-8S Connect more affordable than the Peloton Bike+. You can preorder the bike now, with shipping slated for mid-January. Stay tuned for our full review soon. 

4. Kohler PerfectFill

The worst thing about taking a bath is waiting for it to fill up while monitoring the water temperature. With the $2,700 Kohler PerfectFill smart drain and bath filler, …….

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