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Convert your non-smart appliances into remote controlled, wifi enabled smart gadgets with the help of smart switches. Smart switches add wireless connectivity to your regular home appliances such as fans, lights, curtain blinds, refrigerators, air conditioners, set top boxes, TVs and lots more. A smart switch can be turned off or on remotely, as long as it is connected to a wireless network. If you have many regular appliances that would benefit from having smart functionality, it is time to invest in a smart switch, which takes you one step closer to a whole smart home ecosystem.
The thin design and capacitive touch of the switch make it easy to use, which is extended by the fact that the standard modular switches can fit in any 48mm standard modular switch. Thanks to capacitive touch buttons, you needn’t press heavily to turn on/off devices. The dual-coloured LED indication makes it easy to know the switch state, and the backlight LED helps you to locate switches in darkness. The modular type switch gives the user complete independence in choosing switches. Since it can connect to wireless devices, you can connect to them simply via your phone and expect it to work well. The touch sensitive board has 4 switches which can be linked up to any device you want, and remotely controlled.
This modular Wi-Fi smart switchboard comes with controls for four appliances, fan regulation controls, and even a power socket. Since it is Wi-Fi enabled, it can be remotely controlled and operated from your phone. Incidentally, even the appliance plugged into the power socket can be remotely controlled via the phone app. Since this switchboard has tactile buttons, you can rest assured that all your inputs will register as expected. There’s a weekly and daily scheduling feature that allows you to save energy bills by automating on or off conditions and fan speed at a specified time. With this, you can even make your regular appliances into smart automation systems. It also has a standard Indian plug point, and connected devices can be remotely controlled.
This is a one-stop smart switch controller for all your home automation requirements. It has a firm and sturdy build quality which is expected to last long. The single switch can be hooked up to multiple appliances which can then be connected to Wi-Fi. Using wireless communication, you can remotely control all these appliances, and switch them off, or turn them on at the touch of a button. Thanks to the built-in energy management mode, you can safeguard appliances from overload as the switch reduces your power bills. There’s also performance tracking which sets a monthly threshold limit and keeps track of your electricity consumption. It allows you to set schedules, and manage your power use.
Take a step closer to the future by installing this 4 node smart switch controller. It converts any regular old switchboard into a remotely controlled, wireless enabled switch. With this, you don’t even have to change any of your appliances, as all of them can now be remotely controlled via your phone, as long as the board is connected to a wireless network. So, no longer do you need to get up from bed to turn off basic home appliances. The versatile design makes it suitable to be used on any regular switch board.
A functional smart switch, this one comes with integration to smart assistants, a timer function, simple setup and lots of newfound convenience. The timer function in …….



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