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Comcast’s Xfinity Video Doorbell pairs with your existing Xfinity ecosystem.

Image: Comcast

Comcast wants to be both your internet provider and your smart home security system with a new device, Xfinity Video Doorbell. It has all the marquee features of competing video doorbells from Nest and Ring, including an HD camera with a 4:3 aspect ratio. There’s also two-way audio, so you can chat with the delivery person as they’re dropping off the package. And Comcast has integrated the device with its xFi Advanced Security suite to protect it against any threats.

The Xfinity Video Doorbell functions as you might expect. When a person presses the button to “ring” the doorbell, you’ll get a simultaneous notification on your smartphone. If you have other Xfinity devices in your home, you’ll also get a message there. For example, if you’ve got an Xfinity X1 or Flex streaming box in the living room, you might see motion alerts pop up on your TV screen. You can adjust these notifications so they’re not pinging you during your Infinity Wars rewatch.

The Comcast Xfinity Video Doorbell from the front.

Image: Comcast

If you’re wondering why you’d choose a Comcast video doorbell over, say, the well-established Google and Amazon models, look no further than the competitive price tag. The Xfinity Video Doorbell costs $120 outright, about $60 less than the battery-powered Nest Doorbell and the Ring’s wired Doorbell Pro. Brands like Wyze have even cheaper video doorbells starting at $50, but they might not integrate with your existing Xfinity setup. You can also pay off the doorbell through your Comcast bill at $5 a month for two years if you’re an Xfinity Home Pro Protection or Pro Protection Plus customer.

Security cameras are a gateway to setting up a connected home, so it’s no surprise to see Comcast pursuing the same customers it’s charging for internet and TV. Comcast offers a security bundle through the above-mentioned program, including security cameras and motion sensors.

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