Cync Smart Thermostat Review: Short on HVAC smarts – Reviewed


  • Not Energy Star certified

  • No intuitive learning features

  • Doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit

The Cync Smart Thermostat works well for remote management, but it won’t do the thinking for you.

About the Cync Smart Thermostat

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

The Cync Smart Thermostat comes with everything you need to get started, including a C-wire adapter kit.

  • Smart assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • C-wire: Required, but a C-wire adapter kit (included with purchase)
  • Colors: Black touch control panel
  • Dimensions: 1-inch x 5.25-inches x 3.25-inches
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz required), Bluetooth

Assuming your HVAC wires are in good shape, the installation and setup process is fairly quick and simple. The Cync app walks you through how to connect the wires to your particular set up. The thermostat includes a back plate, trim plate, power extender kit, screws, anchors, wire labels, and paper instruction manuals to get you started. Make sure to check to see if your HVAC system is compatible with the Cync Smart Thermostat. No hub is required to use the thermostat. It connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can be managed remotely from the Cync app.

The thermostat also features a digital panel with tap to touch controls for heating, cooling, or energy saving modes, as well as temperature adjustment. The thermostat controller’s panel is backlit, and gets brighter when you adjust the settings and dimmer when you’re done.

What we like

Works with temperature sensors to more accurately heat and cool your home

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

The Cync Smart Thermostat works with up to six Cync temperature sensors.

The Cync Smart Thermostat works with Cync’s room temperature sensors (available at Amazon). The sensor is a separate purchase of about $30, but could be a worthwhile investment to help more accurately heat and cool your home. The temperature sensor compatibility is a part of what sets Cync’s thermostat apart from competitors, like the Nest Thermostat and the Amazon Smart Thermostat. Up to six sensors can be paired with the Cync Smart Thermostat.

In the Cync app, you can set temperature and humidity thresholds for the sensor, which triggers your system to respond accordingly. The sensor(s) can be accessed by clicking through your thermostat controls in the app. This is where you can view the sensor’s current temperature.

Email alerts are also sent in order to ensure that your thermostat is working properly. You can also create a schedule for each room you have a sensor in, allowing the thermostat to automatically heat and cool designated areas of your home at certain times of the day.

The included instructions advise you about how and where to hang the sensor, which has a handy mount on the back. The sensors are ideal for use in spots where the temperature tends to be uneven—like your drafty hallway or sunny Florida room.

Hanging the sensor is crucial not just for accuracy, but also for safety. Be sure to …….



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