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Smart home camera is widely used for children, pets and security. It is possible to check everything that happens at home in real time through a camera and monitor what happened at home through recorded videos. The smart home camera EGLOO cam S4 adds some helpful Smart Home IoT features to the current indoor camera, making it a full multiplayer camera that goes beyond simple surveillance. After being released on Amazon in September 2021, EGLOO cam S4 is now being sold at a special promotional cost to celebrate the launch.

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* temperature/humidity monitoring: The temperature and humidity sensor installed in the EGLOO cam S4 is to monitor real-time temperature and humidity information at the place where the camera is installed. One of its features is that information can be viewed in real time at the bottom of the screen, allowing people to remotely manage and monitor the home and keep the home in optimum condition for children and pets.

* Smart remote control: All home appliances that use remote control can be input and learned in the EGLOO application, allowing remote power control and all other functions. For example, in hot summer or cold winter, people can login to the EGLOO application to control the air conditioning and heating outside the home which could improve their quality of life. Besides, home devices such as TV, air purifier, humidifier, or fan can be controlled remotely as well. These features could also be useful in stores and offices as well.

Apart from these two stand out features, it also provides clear 1080P picture quality, a 160-degree angle view compared to other companies, and a 360-degree pan/angle function. It is a camera that is made with essential functions such as an alarm function when sound/motion is detected, an interactive conversation function, outstanding night quality, and video clip space. In particular, AI functions are regularly being updated and modified according to the target customer base.

Currently, the brand is providing differentiated functions such as ‘baby breathing monitoring’ by analyzing the baby’s inhalation and exhalation movements through video. There are several functions, such as a function that automatically takes and saves snapshots when a baby smiles and a notification function with a sound when a baby opens his/her eyes, and these differentiated functions maximize user satisfaction.  To provide these differentiated features, EGLOO is continuously developing apps and servers and making an effort to discover and apply new ideas.

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