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Smart smoke detectors are one of many smart technologies entering the market for homeowners. These modern smoke detectors have more safety features than traditional smoke detectors, and many of them connect right to your smartphone and will send emergency alerts.

Here is everything you need to know about smart smoke detectors, including information about the most popular models, and how you can maintain them to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

What is a smart smoke detector?

A smart smoke detector is a device that communicates with most other connected devices in your home when it detects rising temperatures or smoke. Many detectors can now be integrated into your home’s security system and connected to your other favorite smart devices.

There are three different types of smart smoke detectors, including:

  • Photoelectric detectors
  • Ionization detectors
  • Dual-sensor detectors

Each type of detector detects smoke differently. For example, ionization detectors detect smoke produced by flaming fires quickly. In contrast, photoelectric detectors will quickly detect it from a smoldering fire.

However, no one type of smoke detector is the best, as each fire that can break out in a home varies. It’s also worth noting that the location of your smoke detectors plays an important role in their ability to detect fires.

Should you buy a smart smoke detector?

A primary benefit of using a smart smoke detector is that you can remotely monitor any emergencies in your home, which is useful if you’re away from your home on vacation, at work, or running errands. You can receive instant notifications, and if you are home in the event of a fire, you can shut off the alarm using simple voice commands.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire research shows that today’s modern furnishings cause home fires to spread more quickly than they did in the past when most furniture was made of natural materials. When a fire starts in a home, those inside may have limited time to make it out safely.

Because smart smoke detectors come with better safety features than a basic smoke detector, they give you more peace of mind and protection. Additionally, there have been instances where basic smoke detectors fail to detect smoke. For example, around 226,000 Kidde TruSense smoke and combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors were recalled in May 2021.

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