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Smart home technology is an essential part of aging in place, says Haisam Sourchi, regional general manager for Alavida Lifestyles, which operates senior living communities in Ottawa, Canada.

“There are myriad smart home tools that can help with almost every level of home maintenance,” says Sourchi. “With the right gadgets and devices, you can stay in your home for longer and continue to live independently and more comfortably than if you didn’t have access to smart devices.”

Smart Home Upgrades to Consider

Ready to add smart home upgrades to your space to help with aging in place? These popular devices and appliances could be a good place to start.

Smart Hub

A smart hub lets you operate multiple smart devices through a command center, such as Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Samsung SmartThings. Smart hubs maintain a connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With a smart hub, you can turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, and control your smart television and other (compatible) smart devices in your home.

Smart hubs may use voice activation through Amazon Alexa or another voice assistant. Many have a display with a touchscreen and/or an accompanying app on your smartphone.

Smart Lighting

Smart light fixtures and light bulbs let you turn the lights in your home on and off remotely with sensors or by using voice activation or other controls through a smart hub.

“With smart lighting options, seniors can turn lights on and off simply by voice command without having to find their way to light or lamp switches,” says Abramson. You can also turn smart lights on and off remotely for better home security while away.

Smart Stoves and Ovens

Unattended cooking was the top cause of cooking-related fires and casualties in 2020, according to a report from the National Fire Protection Association. What’s more, roughly 25% of deaths caused by fires that started on the stove occurred while the person was sleeping.

Smart stoves, such as the iGuard Stove, can be adjusted to shut off automatically when not in use for at least 5 minutes. Smart stoves and ovens may also have remote access for turning the appliance on and off, as well as gas sensors, timers and activity monitors to alert family members and caregivers when the stove is left on and unattended.

Doorbells and Smart Locks

Video doorbells, such as Ring, add security to your home and can connect to compatible smart hubs. These doorbells connect to an app on your smartphone and notify you when someone is at your door or enters a specified perimeter on the yard or street. Many video doorbells also record and save video footage.

Meanwhile, smart locks can lock and unlock doors via a smart hub, voice command or remotely using a smartphone. “Smart locking systems can help seniors when family members are checking in on them since they don’t need a key—just a password, code or the ability to unlock the system from an app,” says Sourchi.

Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras use your home’s Wi-Fi connection to transmit video images to your smartphone and save them to the cloud or a digital storage device. Smart cameras help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away. As you age, family members can also access smart cameras (with your permission) …….



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