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Growing up in the 90s meant looking forward to a promising future thanks to films like Back to the Future (1985), Star Trek (1966) and Blade Runner (1982), among others. However, the projected future turned out to be vastly different from the one that arrived. While we might not yet be able to jump on our floating hoverboards or beam ourselves to anywhere in the galaxy, there are some ‘Smart Home Devices’ and technologies available that can help make the future feel slightly less like the past.

As 2022 continues to unfold, there are a myriad of smart home devices presently available for consumers to make use of. The Vamers team have spent much time looking into and procuring many of these devices; some good, some bad and some we can no longer imagine living without. As such, we have put together this list of five smart home devices we think every home would benefit from.

Although it is almost impossible to put together a definitive list of smart home products every house needs, the listed devices fulfil roles so universal that they should be able to fit in everywhere and instantly feel like they belong. Better still, each of the smart devices on this list are also available for purchase in South Africa.

When deciding to take the plunge into the fantastical world of smart devices, one of the first products procured was a fan: the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2, to be exact. While many readers might fail to get excited about the prospect of a “smart fan”, our experience with it was so delightful that it was the start of an entire smart home collection.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 boasts better airflow than regular fans, allowing for more powerful cooling and a gentler breeze. The fan comes with two settings, Direct and Natural Breeze. With the use of the Mi Home app, either of those settings can be fine-tuned in speeds ranging from 1 to 100. The fan can also be adjusted to stand on the floor or a table and has 140° ventilation.

The fan is surprisingly silent and gentle compared to how well it manages to cool a room. It comes with a 14-meter range and a DC copper-wire motor, which has better operating efficiency and longer service life than aluminium-wire motors. This DC motor also allows for constant speed, more stable ventilation and lowers power consumption.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is also fully app and voice-controlled, making it the perfect device to add to a bedroom where adjustments can be made without the user needing to find a remote or get up off the bed/couch.

Setup/additional Costs:

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is available for about R1700 and has no additional costs.

Personal Selling Point:

The hands-free experience. After the initial set-up and automation fine turning, there was never a need to intervene again. Now my house is kept at a constantly pleasant temperature and is precisely how I like it without ever needing to do anything.

Example Automations:

When setting up automations for a fan, one needs to account for the temperature and personal daily schedule. An example automation might be setting the fan to start 15 …….



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