Google Assistant: These 82 kinds of smart home devices can be controlled natively and without a separate app – Tech Gaming Report

Of the google assistant in connection with the Google home pageThe app has long become the hub of the smart home for many people, through which all connected devices are controlled. The range of supported devices is not limited to just standard components, but has grown into many special areas. we will show you everything 82 device classeswhich can be controlled by the Google Assistant.

For some users it is already a smart home if they can turn the light on and off by voice command, through an app or even automatically. Other people, on the other hand, would like to control many other devices and furniture, for which the connection to smart assistants is increasingly becoming a major selling point. Google Assistant has expanded a lot in recent years and can control a large number of device classes covering all rooms and occasions, both by voice command and through the Google Home app, so hardly any wish remains unfulfilled.

With “Actions on Google”, Google Assistant can control everything imaginable if manufacturers provide the right routines. However, this only gets really smart when Google Assistant can control the devices itself and call and define all the important details. Only then can the user issue commands like “cool living room” without having to talk to the air conditioning app and smart windows and their blinds beforehand. It is precisely in this area that much work has been done in recent months.

Google Assistant can do more than today 82 device classes control natively without the need for a bridge technology. Of course, some requirements must be met for this, and the manufacturer must support the Assistant connection, but Google’s infrastructure will no longer fail with the device classes listed below.

The Google Assistant is compatible with these 82 classes of devices

  • Alarm system
  • audio and video receiver
  • bathtub
  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • bed
  • pressure cooker
  • dehydrator
  • extractor hood
  • Shower
  • window
  • remote control (for TV)
  • fryer
  • garage door
  • dishwasher
  • grill
  • pet feeder
  • heating
  • port
  • yogurt maker
  • coffee machine
  • camera
  • Fireplace
  • boiler
  • air conditioning
  • burner
  • refrigerator
  • Charger
  • spokesman
  • light
  • humidifier
  • dehumidifier
  • air freshener
  • air conditioning
  • air filter
  • awning
  • microwave
  • mixing valve
  • mixer
  • scrub
  • multicooker
  • kiln
  • pergola
  • radiator
  • smoke detector
  • mower
  • blind
  • routers
  • Change
  • castles
  • cabinet
  • Drawer
  • sensors
  • set the box above
  • Sound bar
  • empty
  • sprinkler
  • hand blender
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Plug
  • gearbox
  • streaming sound bar
  • transmission stick
  • thermostat
  • freezer
  • doors
  • drying machine
  • door
  • door bell
  • Valve
  • ventilator
  • Curtain
  • Washer
  • water treatment
  • water softener
  • Kettle
  • WiFi …….



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