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In our modern world, it’s becoming less labor-intensive to run your own home. At one point, regular chores would have included doing the dishes, washing your clothes (at one point by hand! in a river!), vacuuming the floors and a whole lot more. However, as technology has evolved and having a “smart home” more desirable, so shrinks the list of household activities that require your physical input. And, it’s time to add opening and closing your blinds to that list by adding smart blinds to your home.

Smart homes, which are full of internet-connected devices capable of being controlled remotely and performing tasks on-demand or at scheduled times, are now the norm. From a robot vacuum to your heating system, if you can’t control it with a remote control or your smartphone, you’re getting left behind. Now that the list of smart home devices includes your blinds, you may be wondering: what are the best smart blinds to install in your home?

Smart blinds, like normal blinds, perform a number of handy functions. In addition to letting in or blocking out light, they can prevent the loss of heat, block UV rays and provide privacy from the outside world at the push of a button. Throw in smart technology, and your blinds will open and close when you tell them to or, in some cases, when the temperature in your home falls outside a desired range.

There’s a lot to consider when investing in your first set of smart blinds. Continue reading and we’ll break down everything you need to know and think about before making this type of purchase.

Smart Device Compatibility

There are generally two types of smart blinds. The first are motorized blinds that can be controlled by a smartphone app or your smart home speaker, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These blinds connect to your WiFi and communicate with your devices through the internet, so you can control them with the sound of your voice or a remote control. These devices sometimes also have special functionalities, like closing the blinds when the temperature in the house reaches a certain level or opening them when you’re close to home.

The second type of smart blinds are also motorized but can only be controlled through a remote control. Sometimes, the remote control might be voice-activated, and often these blinds boast a timer function, allowing you to open and close the blinds several times a day automatically. While remote control blinds cannot be controlled by Alexa or Google Home, they are fairly easy to convert using smart plugs or smart switches. They also tend to be cheaper than fully smart device-capable blinds.

Do You Want To Motorize New or Existing Blinds?

The next thing to think about before purchasing smart blinds is whether you want to keep your existing blinds, shades or curtains or whether you want to purchase a new set. Some smart blind devices are essentially motors that can be connected to the window coverings you already have. Others come with completely new blinds, which may be better if you’re fitting out a new house or need a change in style.</…….



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