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December 17, 2022 by No Comments

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Since the release of the original Google Home smart speaker in 2016, the landscape of Google Nest and Google Assistant devices for the home has expanded dramatically to include smart speakers, smart displays and so much more. But the overwhelming array of options raises a question: Exactly how much will a Google home actually cost you?

Answering that question isn’t quite as easy as it may seem. With customizable Google Assistant routines and now more than 30,000 compatible devices, a Google smart home could cost anywhere from $30 to $3,000 or more. You could purchase one Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) for $100 or you could add a full-fledged ecosystem of security cameras, smart displays, video doorbells, thermostats, smart speakers and streaming devices.

The cost of a Google home will ultimately boil down to the number of devices you purchase: Do you want the basics? Or do you want to go all out? Or maybe you want to land somewhere in the middle.

To help you decide, I broke down the cost of three smart home setups with different numbers of home products, ranging from just the essentials to a Google smart home that pulls out all the stops. 

(Note that some of the prices quoted below are sale prices and will fluctuate periodically.)

Google smart home: The basics 

Let’s start simple. If you’re just getting started with smart home devices or you want to cut the fluff, a basic smart home is likely what you need. That means you’ll have to buy a control center, lighting and basic security

For each smart home, it’s important to have a control center, one device that will kick off your collection of devices. For a Google-centric smart home, I recommend starting with the second-gen Google Nest Hub. Not only is this CNET’s favorite Google smart display, but it’s our favorite overall Google Assistant device. The Nest Hub has all of the same Google Assistant features as the smart speakers, but it has a touchscreen, so you can search the internet, check the weather, stream YouTube videos, follow along with recipes, and chat with family members. Most importantly for our purposes, it also lets you manually control your smart home gadgets.

While the standard price is $100, you can typically find the Nest Hub on sale like it is here for $65. 

Cost so far: $65

The voice-control features combined with the touchscreen function makes the Nest Hub a great choice to act as a control panel for the rest of the connected home devices. Once you have that set, it’s time to start adding devices. A smart light bulb is a good first step, and …….



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