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Matter, the coming smart home standard that aims to be the answer to many of today’s smart home headaches, is supported by a long list of companies. From platform owners like Apple, Google, and Amazon to major manufacturers such as Samsung and LG and smaller, accessory-focused players like Nanoleaf, Eve, and Wyze, there’s an unprecedented industry coalition behind Matter.

A common language for smart home devices to communicate, Matter aims to simplify everything about the smart home, from purchase, to set up, to everyday use. Its biggest promise is that it will enable smart devices to work with each other, across platforms and ecosystems, no matter who made them.

But Matter hasn’t yet arrived — it’s now expected to launch in mid-2022 — making it hard to determine how it will work in your home and what it will allow you to do that isn’t easy or even possible today. To answer some of these questions we’ve gathered information from published documents and talked to the companies that plan to support it and the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) that oversees Matter.

Consider this article a living FAQ on all things related to Matter; how this new smart home standard will work and which products it will work with. As new information comes out, we’ll keep this article updated.

If you’ve got this far and are wondering what this Matter deal is all about, check out Matter’s plan to save the smart home for a deep dive into this new technology and what it promises.

Table of contents:

Which platforms will work with Matter?

Which products will work with Matter, and when can I buy them?

Which products won’t work with Matter?

Is Matter going to keep my smart home private and secure?

Will I need to replace my existing smart devices to use Matter?

Should I wait for Matter to buy new smart home products?

Apple has committed to supporting Matter products in its HomeKit smart home platform.

Image: Apple

The four big smart home platforms, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings, have all committed to supporting Matter, which means you will be able to use their apps, smart speakers / displays, and smart voice assistants as Matter controllers to managed your connected devices.

Bear in mind, though, these won’t be the only players that can run your smart home with Matter, and as more information emerges around how other ecosystems will support Matter we’ll add that here.

With Matter, you can use multiple platforms at the same time because of a feature called Multi-Admin control. As long as devices and platforms are Matter-enabled, you can connect them to as many platforms as you want. So, yes, you will be able to control the new Nest Thermostat with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants, even …….



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