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January 15, 2022 by No Comments

The Google Home smart home system and related Assistant AI aren’t just great for sending messages, setting up video calls, and similar tasks. And they aren’t just great for viewing smart home security cameras either. One of the most powerful features of Google Home is, in fact, that it can be used to set up reminders. Whether that’s reminders to water the plants, feed the pets, take meds, or pick up groceries — or any number of other things.

But using the reminders, for those who aren’t intimately familiar with smart home equipment, isn’t always intuitive. Even if the automation process is pretty straightforward. So this guide will take a closer look at how to set reminders up using these systems. And how to manage the reminders you have.

Make sure you’ve got your smart home set up properly first

Of course, before you can use your Google Home, Nest Home, and Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays for reminders, they need to be properly set up. The process for setting up a Google-powered smart home is relatively straightforward. And is nearly identically across gadgets.

With that said, there are a couple of extra steps here too. Namely, ensuring that your voice match and personal results are turned on for the devices in your home. That way, when you set up Google Home and Assistant for reminders, they’ll recognize you. Allowing for wider use of more personalized reminders.

The same will, of course, need to be set up for anybody in your smart device-enhanced home too. In case you want to set reminders for others in your home or allow them to. In this segment, we’ll discuss that process.

Make sure voice match and personal results are set up to get your reminders more readily

  1. First and foremost, you’ll want to set up Personal Results on any gadget you want to have reminders available for. And on any other gadgets that you may want a more personal experience from
  2. Start by opening the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device
  3. Navigate to the “Home” tab, if it isn’t preloaded already
  4. Select the first device that you’d like to enable Personal Results for — you’ll repeat steps 3 through 7 later for any additional devices
  5. Select the settings icon, located at the top right-hand side of the UI
  6. In the Settings menu, choose “Recognition and sharing”
  7. Then scroll down to the option reading “Personal Results” and, if not toggled on, toggle it on
  8. Next, we’ll need to activate Voice Match. That way, Google Assistant will, when spoken to on any selected device, recognize your voice. That way it will be able to provide not only personal results but also personal services you may have set up
  9. Staying in the Google Home app, in the “Recognition and sharing” menu, Scroll down to Voice Match and ensure it’s turned on. Of course, you’ll need to repeat that for any further Google or Nest Home apps you’d like to set up reminders on

As noted above, you’ll also want to ensure that Voice Match and personal results are turned on for any other smart home gadgets that you may use. And, also as noted above, the process will need to be set up for anybody else in your home too. Or, at the very least, …….



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