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This week we sat down for a roundtable discussion with Jennifer Tuohy on HomeKit, Matter, and the smart home space as a whole.

Our interview originally aired as a segment on the latest episode of HomeKit Insider, our smart home podcast. It’s been briefly edited for clarity.

Jennifer Tuohy is the resident smart home reported at The Verge. During our lengthy conversation, we explored the impending rollout of Matter and how it will coexist with HomeKit and other smart home platforms, connectivity options such as Thread and Bluetooth mesh, and much more.

Andrew O’Hara: Welcome Jennifer, thank you for joining us here today.

Jennifer Tuohy: Well, thank you so much for having me.

Stephen Robles: I don’t know if you’ve followed our saga, but I’m building a new home, actually, and so I’m kind of deciding what smart home stuff to install.

I really wish the Wemo dimmer light switches with Thread would launch now. I’m going to have to buy my switches soon. But when it comes to locks, I wanted to get something with HomeKey, which the only one right now is Schlage. There’s an Aqara one that isn’t available in the U.S.

As far as discrete, you have a Level Lock. So I’m leaning that way. But Jennifer, if you are going to put a lock in a new home that had HomeKit, do you have a preference or what do you think you would do?

Jennifer: I do really like the Level. It’s very much the sort of aesthetic I like. There are a couple of software things that I found annoying when I tested it.

It was a year or so ago, but last time I checked in with them, I asked them and they said “no, still works that way,” which was when you leave the house, if you don’t go far enough away when you come back, it won’t auto-unlock because it’s a security thing, but it’s annoying.

Like you get into your car and go “oh, I forgot something.” Now I can’t get back in my house. It’s just a minor thing and it’s the software. It’s something they could fix, but they look great. The touch to open feature, I thought worked really well. I did have a bit of trouble with them because I had an older door and it really has to line up perfectly to work. But in the new home, I wouldn’t have any concerns about it. I would go for it.

And Level and Apple have worked together. I would not be surprised to see HomeKey come to them eventually. They have the NFC capability already in the locks, or at least in the Touch, right. Because you use the little cards, but you never want to buy something on the hope that it’ll one day be compatible. Never buy hardware today with the promise of software tomorrow.

I think what I like about the Level Touch, with that problem you mentioned, Jennifer, where you walk away and it wouldn’t auto-unlock. If you have the Level Touch version, you can just touch it and it will authenticate on the spot there.

So even though it didn’t …….

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