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It’s increasingly difficult to imagine a world without cell phones or a future without our objects connected to the internet.  Today cars, smart home devices, factories, and cities are using IoT technology, and experts predict that the trend will continue into the future.

Internet of Things leverages the internet to connect electronic devices that people use every day.  These items are embedded with sensors and software to each other.  The technology allows your smart devices to send, receive, communicate and interpret information and data from connected devices in real-time.

Here is how the Internet of Things will transform the world.

Technologies behind the Development of IoT Systems

Many tech domains are strongly linked to IoT functionality.  The combination of IoT and other digital technologies shows exponential growth in the market.  These technologies are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML): AI helps manage complicated IoT systems with multiple parameters and factors requiring highly efficient and rapid response and decision-making unavailable in humans.  Simulations and ML methods are used to train AI systems, thus helping them work much better than rigid algorithms that human programmers create.  Further, AI offers creative and well-informed decisions and actions based on previous experiences and mathematical modeling in situations beyond predicted, algorithm-based actions.

Big Data: The technology is a set of various applications and methods.  The technology organizes, manages, and uses enormous data.  This includes high-level operations such as sharing and data visualization.  IoT generates considerable information from many standalone data points such as sensors, devices, etc.  It would be almost impossible to store, analyze and operate this magnitude of data.  However, Big Data management platforms mine, process, and investigate the data and generate valuable insights and findings.  The information helps to optimize and enhance IoT-enabled business processes.

Cloud computing: Technology is made up of multiple interrelated services and is employed by IoT solutions to process massive data generated in the course of operation.  Like IoT, cloud computing depends on an allocated network of devices.  The technology helps to transfer, store, manage, protect and analyze large data streams without deploying expensive in-house/on-site hardware infrastructure.

Benefits of Internet of Things

The practical uses of the Internet of Things are endless because of its rapid growth.  Further, its phenomenal adoption shows that technology has profound advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of IoT.


In the 1990s, a mobile phone was just a phone for receiving calls and sending text messages.  You couldn’t take pictures, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, enjoy TV shows, or access the internet with it.  However, today you can do all these in a single device because IoT provides connectivity to devices and people all over the world.


IoT technology has simplified personal, and business lives.  For instance, people no longer walk to the bank to deposit or withdraw money.  They no longer buy envelopes and stamps to pay bills.  You can access government agencies online, and libraries for books, music, and video have been replaced with eBooks and streaming services.

Further, you can earn an advanced degree, learn a language and buy groceries without leaving home.  Even some healthcare services are available virtually, thanks to technology.  TeleHealth eliminates the need to visit a healthcare facility for a prescription or checkup because of IoT.


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