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Can smart home technology really save you money on your energy bills?

With electricity and gas prices skyrocketing, more of us are looking for ways to cut down on our energy use wherever we can. And while investing in more gadgets to plug into your sockets might not sound like the best way to reduce your footprint, smart home technology can pay for itself over time and eventually make a dent in that bill.

LED bulbs are the most obvious starting point, and offer between 10 and 20 per cent energy savings over traditional CFL bulbs. These types of lightbulb don’t necessarily have to be smart, but the ability to control your lights with your phone or on a schedule helps make sure you’re not wasting light when you’re not around.

Smart thermostats are another area in which tech can make a real impact. These are designed to “learn” when you’re at home, when you’re out, and when you want heat or hot water, and then use that information to build a more energy efficient schedule and avoid heating an empty house. They can even keep an eye on the weather forecast to dial back the heating on warm days, or keep your home toasty on cold mornings.

Of course, smart home tech won’t save you an enormous sum by itself. Simply using less energy every day will have a much bigger effect on your bill than a full contingent of LED bulbs ever could. But, combined with a smart electricity meter, these smart home gadgets can make you more aware of how and when you’re using electricity, who the biggest energy-draining culprits are, and how best to change your behaviour to cut down on bills.

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In light of spiking energy prices, and to help you trim down your gas electricity bills as much as possible, we’ve rounded up some of the best energy saving gadgets from our range of tried and tested reviews, including smart LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, smart home devices and smart speakers.

Philips Hue white and colour ambiance starter kit

Philips is the industry leader when it comes to energy saving LED smart bulbs. It offers a huge range of bulbs, with white, dimmable and colour changing lighting solutions designed to fit every room in the home. There are strip lights, sconces, lamps, bathroom lights and even garden lighting to choose from.

Our reviewer was impressed by the versatility of the Hue range, as well the option to keep using your traditional light switch if you prefer. “The bulbs are capable of 16 million colours, so you can choose exactly the shade you like,” they said. “The kit also comes with a battery-powered light switch that can be mounted on the wall, which is handy if you are away and someone in the house is not so tech literate. You can expand the range as you are ready, with dozens of bulbs able to talk to the same Hue bridge.

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Hive lighting starter pack

Another huge name in smart bulbs, Hive …….



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