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If you’re looking to start your smart home journey, a smart display like the Google Nest Hub is a good place to get it up and running. The Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Nest Hub 2nd Gen are all smart speakers coupled with touchscreen displays that let you play music and videos, control your smart home devices, call your loved ones, and manage your daily tasks using voice and touch input. 

Whether you’re planning to buy a new Nest Hub device, or you already own one, you can use the following post as a guide to know all the things you can do with Google’s smart display. 

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How to use touch controls on Nest Hub

Smart home devices are made for convenience, so although you can use your Nest Hub with your voice, you can navigate through it with touch controls. Being a smart display, you can manage various aspects of your Nest Hub by swiping through the screen and selecting the options that you need to open or configure. 

When the Nest Hub is sitting idle, you will see the Photo frame on its display. To navigate to the other screens, you will have to use swipe and touch controls from within this screen. 

Open app drawer

If you want to access all the apps that are installed on your Nest Hub, you can swipe up from the bottom of your Nest Hub’s main display. This will open a list of apps that you can launch with a single tap. 

Display the clock

The Nest Hub displays the current time and weather when it’s in idle mode but it will be limited to a smaller area of the screen to make room for the photo frame or art gallery. At any time, however, you can switch to a full-screen clock by swiping right from the left edge of your Nest Hub display. 

Your device will now show a larger clock with a black background and you can use it as a bedside clock when needed. To get back to the main screen, simply tap on the clock and your Nest Hub will load whatever you configured your Photo Frame with. 

Access Quick Settings

In many ways, your Nest Hub behaves like a smartphone and you can access the device’s quick settings to adjust the sound and brightness, trigger DND, set an alarm, or open settings directly from the home screen. To do that, swipe down from the top of the Nest Hub display. 

Your device will now show a familiar screen with five quick control tiles at the top and access to your other smart home devices at the bottom. You can tap on any of the tiles at the bottom to control your different home devices. You can also tap on View rooms to control devices across different rooms. 

From there, you can select a room from your house and control your smart devices located there. 

To adjust the brightness, tap on the sun icon at the top. Here you can adjust the intensity of light or turn on Ambient …….



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