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Nolen is a home handyman who has installed several types of water leak detectors and alarms in homes for his clients.

What Are Water Leak Alarms?

Undetected water leaks make up a large portion of the more than $20 billion in water damage damage that’s caused to homes in the U.S. each year. A water leak detector or water alarm can help avoid costly damage to your home by alerting you to new leaks before they have a chance to do any harm.

What Are Water Leak Alarms and Detectors?

Water leak alarms and detectors are small, battery-powered devices which sense the presence of water and either sound an alarm at the unit, or communicate wireless with a home alarm system or your smartphone. These devices are often placed in areas prone to accidental leaks, such as under kitchen sinks, in water heater closets or laundry rooms.

Some types of water leak alarms are even capable of notifying you of a leak when you’re away from home. When these devices are combined with a smart electronic water supply valve, you may even be able to remotely shut off your home’s water before the leak causes any real damage.

A very basic water leak alarm, the Basement Watchdog.

Stand Alone Water Alarms

There are basically three main types of water leak alarms and leak detectors. These are stand alone water alarms, smart water alarms, and smart water detectors that are part of an overall home alarm system. Water leak detectors often don’t include an audible alarm inside the unit, whereas stand alone water leak alarms may include this feature.

Stand Alone Water Alarms

Basic stand alone water leak alarms are all-in-one devices which you place in areas where leaks or rising water may occur, such as in a basement. This type of leak detector has a sensor with contacts that you place wherever you want the device to detect leaking water, such as above a basement sump pump intake or on the floor next to a washing machine. These alarms also feature a built in audible alarm which sounds when water is present.

We’ve installed these simple detectors in our own home and for clients. Our favorite, simple stand alone water leak detector is the Basement Watchdog, which currently sells for around $15. This compact water alarm can be mounted anywhere and comes with a wired sensor than you can place up to 6 feet away.

The Basement Watchdog runs off of a 9 volt battery, which you can replace with a battery eliminator for long term reliability. We’ve even spliced the wires on these for some installations, placing …….



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